How to Make Evil in Little Alchemy 2


Little Alchemy is an exclusive mobile game that enables players to mix elements to form new compounds, with some combinations more difficult than others. Various possible combinations are available, but only certain ones require players’ skills for successful creation.

To create evil in Little Alchemy 2, the Human and Pandora’s Box elements will be required. They can be found by purchasing the Myths and Monsters content pack on the app store.


Little Alchemy 2 is a mobile game in which players craft nearly every item found within its world using only four starting elements – air, earth, fire, and water – but each can be combined and modified further to produce complex items or even Evil itself.

Little Alchemy 2 provides several steps for creating a doctor. First, you must mix air, fire, and earth elements into their essential elements. The next step should be combining earth with water and air into mud to create lava before mixing lava with soil to make stone.

Once you possess the essential elements of air, fire, and dirt, you can combine them to form more advanced items. Start by mixing air and water to create rain. Combine earth with shower to make plants. Combine that plant with fire for lava production. Finally, combine air, fire, and water elements for blender creation!

Little Alchemy 2 will challenge you to create humans from scratch. To do this, combine an individual with medical expertise with a hospital. When you have made your doctor, they can be used to treat diseases and injuries worldwide.

Once you have created a human, you can combine their intelligence with knowledge to create a scholar. Once this scholar exists, you can use him/her to treat diseases and injuries within your world and treat patients accordingly. Finally, combine a doctor with their home to form an even better physician.

Create your deity by fusing human and immortality characteristics. Your God can heal patients while protecting them from death – however, remember that this feature only becomes available once you purchase and unlock the Myths and Monsters pack in Little Alchemy 2 from iTunes or Google Play for $2.99.

Pandora’s Box

Little Alchemy 2: Myths and Monsters for mobile is one of four essential elements, created by combining Humans with Pandora’s Box, that make up its starting blocks. Additionally, this expansion features new items, heroes, and creatures such as Book of the Dead, Sandman, Mount Olympus, etc.

Evil represents the struggle between morality and cruelty in our universe, providing endless sources of entertainment in Little Alchemy. Combined with other elements, it creates new recipes – from corrupting other features to opening 19 more recipes altogether! Additionally, it can connect with others for sinister results like Demon or Hell combinations!

Little Alchemy 2 provides several steps for creating evil. The first is creating Pandora’s Box from Air and Fire elements. The next step should be using Chimney Santa to form a gift (Pandora’s Box). Between these steps are some intermediate steps, which are all detailed below in formula form. When all elements have been acquired, they can be combined to produce Evil!

To create the element of Evil in Little Alchemy 2, first purchase the Myths and Monsters content pack available for iOS and Android devices. To do this, launch the app and tap on its store icon – this will bring up a pop-up window asking which content bundle to select from. Once you’ve chosen and purchased the Myths and Monsters content bundle, follow its instructions to complete your purchase. With that done, you can combine its base elements to form more complex ones. To create a deity such as Zeus, one must incorporate aspects of Evil and Immortality. This combination can unlock mythical places, such as the Throne of God, and create more powerful creatures like dragons and titans. Be wary when mixing these elements – especially when combined with fire or ice elements!


Dive into the fascinating realm of alchemy for an unforgettable adventure in Little Alchemy 2. Discovering its sinister ingredient requires you to push past conventional boundaries, create unorthodox unions, and take risks in pursuit of this unnerving recipe for evil. Each attempt at crafting new combinations brings you closer to discovering its secret ingredients – proving your increasing mastery of the game!

Evil can be fun; its corruption of other elements and 19 additional recipes create an exciting gaming experience. But to access it, one must purchase the Myths and Monsters Content Pack, which also grants access to Good, Monster, and Immortality elements.

Little Alchemy 2 allows players to create Evil by combining Humans and Pandora’s Box – this is the quickest way. But that is not your only path – Person + Book = Scholar and then Scholar combined with Biologist = Doctor (either alone or combined with Stethoscope + Person and Metal to make Scalpel), or else combined stethoscope + Person and Metal together = Zeus!

Little Alchemy makes creating evil easy. Purchase the Myths and Monsters content bundle, which provides access to elements like Good, Monster, and Immortality – though regressive methods such as mixing Clay with Life can also create it quickly! In addition, additional features can be added on for even more fabulous evil creations, including Demon or Hell items.

Little Alchemy boasts over 800 combinations, starting with only four elements – Air, Earth, Fire, and Water – yet these four forming elements allow players to produce over 700 items ranging from good to evil. Players may use combinations like these to build anything from the Book of the Dead to Mount Olympus! Although it takes patience and time, this journey ultimately pays off!


Little Alchemy 2 is an online video game that allows users to create millions of items – such as trees, humans, ponds, lakes, seas, cars, grass, soil, scythes, flowers, lifeblade puddles, and energy. Furthermore, these items are then used to craft more items – thus, the Good element is highly crucial in Little Alchemy 2. Positive energy is an integral aspect of being human while, at the same time, it helps you reach goals and objectives more efficiently.

Little Alchemy 2’s primary objective is combining different elements to produce new ones, but this requires time and effort. You can quickly make humans in Little Alchemy by following steps one through four; once complete, combine with Pandora’s Box for further transformations!

Evil represents the result of morality versus cruelty and is not available in Little Alchemy 2’s regular version; however, you can unlock it by purchasing the Myths and Monsters content pack, which adds four new essential elements – Good, Evil, Monster, and Immortality.

To create Evil, one must combine Fire and Air into Smoke, Water and Earth into Mud, mix Mud with Clay to form Humans and combine Santa with Chimney into Pandora’s Box. Once these elements exist together, you can combine them into Little Alchemy for its creation of evil.

Little Alchemy 2’s Evil element is an exciting mix of good and evil that can only be created using its four starting elements. While creating new elements through combinations can be fun and fulfilling, but finding them may require patience or luck! Our guides for Little Alchemy 2 will assist in your crafting adventure and may lead you down unique pathways into its depths!

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