How to Make a Speciality Cake


Specialty cakes can make any celebration more unforgettable, from weddings and other ceremonies to parties. Their impressive shapes can fit the event and bring color into the celebration as a centerpiece or focal point.

Cookbook author Vallery Lomas adds an elegant flair to this traditional chocolate cake with warming spices and cola syrup, creating its distinctive flavor. Her brightly colorful frosting features turmeric, beet, and butterfly pea powders for an eye-catching appearance.

Sports-themed cakes

Sports-themed cakes make an excellent present for sports lovers – they can be personalized to reflect any sport and feature personalized caricatures of their recipient. This particular cake showcases soccer, football, and baseball themes.

Bake, fill, and stack two cake layers before icing with white icing for a smooth finish. Cut 1/4 in off tip on decorating bag filled with white icing to pipe elongated swirls along the top edge of the cake.

Are you a New England sports enthusiast? This cake features all four New England teams: Patriots, Celtics, Red Sox, and Bruins!

Purse cakes

Purse cakes are an innovative and stylish way to commemorate someone who enjoys fashion, from young fashionistas to those simply passionate about bags. Style your purse cake after an iconic designer handbag or create something casual – all it requires are 8-inch cake layers and some frosting and candy decorations (you could also decorate it with edible flowers!).

Heat the oven to 350degF (325degF for dark or nonstick pans). Lightly grease two 8-inch round cake pans, making sure both bottoms and sides are greased well with baking spray. Once prepared according to package directions, pour into each of them, bake, then remove from pans after 10 minutes to a cooling rack; allow cakes to fully cool before frosting them.

Refrigerate or freeze the cake for 30-60 minutes to set the frosting before spreading a thin layer of frosting over the entire cake to seal in any loose crumbs. Frost cake using remaining tinted frosting; for trim, use a combination of 1 cup frosting with food color until you reach the desired shade; place into decorator bag (resealable food-storage plastic bag with the corner cut off), pipe onto purse trim as desired, using peelable string licorice handles and jellied ring candies as handles/clasps then store loosely covered.

Creating the purse shape it will require carving away its bottom edge and smoothing out any uneven corners to give a more realistic appearance when adding fondant. Furthermore, you should shave off some cake top to form a slight curve; if using marshmallow fondant, chill it before slicing.

If you are using buttercream, the best practice is to let it come to room temperature before cutting and slicing in order to prevent the fondant from melting and ruining its look. A serrated knife may also help level off the top of the cake to ensure an even cut.

A specialty cake will leave an unforgettable impression on your guests. Crafted to look like something other than traditional dessert, specialty cakes offer stunning details such as handmade fondant elements or hand-painted details to really set off any event with style. They make a wonderful centerpiece for any celebration!

Character cakes

Character cakes are a fantastic way to commemorate your child’s special occasion, providing the opportunity to shape it into any character they love and bring smiles on their special day. Though store-bought options exist, homemade creations tend to last longer while tasting better due to being created with care and precision.

Specialty cakes are custom-designed treats decorated with fondant details and other decorations to mark special events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. It makes an impressive centerpiece at any celebration, whether that is weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays; in some cases, these are shaped to honor someone or place. These cakes come in all different varieties with fondant or buttercream frosting options, other flower arrangements, toppings, or flavors – more expensive than store-bought cakes but often worth spending the extra money for an unforgettable memory-making momentous occasion.

Character pans by Wilton can help transform your favorite cake recipes into beloved characters, superheroes, and more. Crafted with precision and care for any themed party event.

When making a character cake, selecting the appropriate frosting is of vital importance. Avoid light and fluffy whipped frostings, which may prove challenging when it comes to sculpting; opt for sturdy buttercream frosting instead. Choose colors that complement either your child’s outfit or your character’s outfit or personality, and consider food color spray instead – as this gives more control over both its appearance and consistency.

Once your cake is complete, add another thin layer of frosting to seal in any crumbs and put it into the freezer until it’s stiff enough for your character. Finally, take off its protective cling wrap and slowly lift onto it to complete your masterpiece!

3D cakes are an increasingly popular cake choice in Bergen County, NJ, and other areas. Bakeries can create these custom creations into any shape to match the celebration you’re hosting, often for birthday parties but also bridal and baby showers.

Architecture cakes

Sculpted specialty cakes are an unforgettable way to add flair and drama to any special event. Whether they mimic a character, fashion accessory, or building, these custom treats make an eye-catching centerpiece at any party. With endless color, fondant, or buttercream details, flowers, toppers, or flavor options available, specialty cakes make a lasting statement about an important milestone in one’s life.

Bakeries can create cakes in various shapes for special events. Famous examples are sports-themed parties, purse-shaped cakes for fashionistas, and character cakes for kids’ parties. Furthermore, these cakes make excellent birthday presents, wedding centerpieces, or other celebratory presents.

Cakes created for their aesthetic beauty also make a delicious dessert to share. Each cake is meticulously handmade from various ingredients and baked until golden brown before being decorated with hand-painted details and flowers, creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces sure to wow guests.

Dinara Kasko was once an architect. Now, she uses her knowledge of patisserie to craft visually striking cakes that resemble buildings. Additionally, she has designed molds so others can recreate her designs.

Kasko specializes in crafting realistic-looking sculptural cakes, teaching baking classes, and conducting masterclasses to perfect her craft. Her lifelike creations have appeared in magazines and newspapers across the United States.

Architecture relies heavily on lines to indicate movement from any given point. As seen on the right cake, cables can also be used to achieve balance and stability; two tiers with similar colors and shapes yet different patterned liners create an eye-catching effect.

Food-shaped 3D specialty cakes in NY are an ideal addition to any party theme, from celebrating loved ones or your company’s successes to commemorating important dates like Halloween. It is made to fit almost any food shape and can make an impressionful statement about its special meaning for your guests.

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