How to Get HBO Max For Free With Vodafone


If you’re looking for ways to watch HBO online for free, you’ve come to the right place. With HBO Max, you can watch live TV, on the go and offline. It also offers simultaneous streams so that you can watch three shows simultaneously. Plus, you can manage multiple profiles and receive recommendations from real people.

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If you want to use HBO Max for free, you’ll need a cable or satellite TV subscription. Currently, it’s not available on Amazon Fire or Roku. If you’re an AT&T subscriber, you can wait until it’s available to watch on these platforms. But if you’re looking for more options for streaming television, HBO Max is an excellent choice.

Although AT&T is no longer offering HBO Max for free to new subscribers, you can still enjoy it as long as you’re on an Unlimited Elite plan. However, if you don’t want to pay the $15 monthly fee, you can still use the ad-supported version of the service.

HBO Max is available with some AT&T internet and wireless plans. In addition, it’s available to those who subscribe to the HBO Watch TV service. HBO Max is also included with select DIRECTV packages and U-Verse plans. If interested, you should contact AT&T to find out if HBO Max is available on your package.


DirecTV has recently announced a new way for people to watch HBO Max for free, and it’s a pretty good one. This perk is only available with select plans and requires you to upgrade from your current plan to receive it. DirecTV users can tune into channel 501 on their HD DVR to access the new service, and it’s available without an additional charge.

First, you must sign in to HBO Max with your DirecTV account. To sign in, click on the ‘Sign in’ link in the top right-hand corner of the screen. The app supports several mobile and TV providers, including DirecTV. To sign in with DirecTV, click on the ‘Sign in with DirecTV’ link. Once you’ve logged in, a new profile will open in the app. After creating a profile, you can add as many friends or family members as you like.

In addition to HBO, you can stream various shows and movies on HBO Max. Whether you prefer comedy series or serious dramas, HBO Max features diverse genres. Its lineup includes movies and TV shows from SHOWTIME, Cinemax, EPIX, and STARZ.


There are several ways to get HBO Max for free with Vodafone. First, if you have a TV box, you will be eligible for a free subscription. You can choose to receive it for six months or 24 months, depending on the plan you choose. HBO Max is also available for customers with Yorn X 10GB data and RED mobile rates. You can use this offer until August 31st, 2022.

You can automatically access HBO Max if you’re a Vodafone Portugal customer. The premium cable television network includes more than 200 channels and more than 40,000 hours. This means you can catch up on everything from new movies to original shows. The service also includes documentaries, cartoons, and sports. You can watch the content on up to three screens simultaneously.

HBO Max is a streaming service that offers all the latest shows and movies from the HBO network. This service is becoming increasingly popular and has won multiple awards, including the prestigious ‘best television’ award. It also supports the Vodafone TV app.


If you want to enjoy more movies and TV shows on the go, you should consider a subscription to HBO Max. This service gives users access to a range of exclusive channels through one convenient service. Moreover, this service offers dual platform access and international talent. If you are in the market for a streamlined solution to your weekend hangout, HBO Max could be the right solution for you.

You can use this add-on for a free month by registering for a free trial of 30 days. This will allow you to test-drive the service before committing to a long-term subscription. If you like it, you can cancel your subscription once the trial period expires.

You can sign up for HBO Max separately or add it to your existing Hulu subscription. However, you must note that if you have a separate HBO subscription, HBO Max will be billed separately. You may also face limitations when accessing certain content or features. The best way to access HBO Max without paying additional fees is to sign up directly with HBO.

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