How to Clean Mobile Covers


No matter the material of your phone cover – plastic, rubber, silicone, or wood – regular cleaning looks good and keeps it safe and hygienic.

One of the most significant challenges when cleaning mobile covers is knowing how to do so without damaging the material. Luckily, we’ve gathered some helpful tips for accomplishing this task!


Maintaining your plastic mobile cover is essential to keep it looking hygienic and clean. These covers are exposed to various environments and can accumulate dirt. Regular cleaning helps prevent these particles from damaging the surface of your phone and keeps you healthy by avoiding exposure to germs and bacteria.

Combine two or three drops of dish soap (preferably mild) with a cup of warm water, and use an old toothbrush to scrub your mobile cover thoroughly. Focus on areas that appear mainly stained, then rinse well before putting the lid back on your phone. This method is easy and practical and takes only minutes of your time! You can do this periodically or weekly to ensure your phone’s cover is dust accumulation-free.


Rubber mobile covers are a popular option for consumers searching for durability and style in a phone case. While they come in various colors and designs, many consumers gravitate towards them due to their protective capabilities. Like their plastic and silicone counterparts, mobile cases can get dirty over time and need a good wipe-down. Aside from using standard cleaning chemicals and some elbow grease, you can also use non-abrasive cleaning products to help keep your phone case looking its best. Wet wipes are the ideal way to clean rubber and contain 70% alcohol, making them a powerful disinfectant. They’re also great for using on your mobile screen due to their non-abrasive finish, preventing scratches and scuffs.


Daily mobile phone use can lead to dirt and grime accumulating on its silicone cover. Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining the case is simple; remove any built-up dirt to keep it looking new!

Silicones are chemically inert and more durable than most plastics, offering heat resistance and electrical insulators. That makes them popular in adhesives, sealants, and coatings applications.

They make an ideal lubricant and work well with metals. Furthermore, these compounds reshape easily to take on many shapes.

They’re often found in consumer products like anti-stick bakeware and food containers but can also be utilized as an ingredient in shampoo and laundry soap. Due to their hypoallergenic and nonstick properties, these waxes have become popular medical uses.


Wood is a durable material that requires special care to maintain its optimal appearance. To prevent your mobile cover from absorbing water and becoming dirty, wipe it down with a soft microfiber cloth. You may choose to do this without chemicals depending on personal taste and preference for cleaning materials; however, avoid using abrasives on your wood case as they may leave behind scratches.

Keep your phone safe from dirt and grime by storing it in a dry, dust-free location such as the fridge or a well-ventilated space. For optimal hygiene when applying mobile covers, we suggest using either an air dry or vacuum to remove dust particles from the wood case’s inner and outer surfaces before applying other materials.


Leather cases are an elegant addition to any phone and can add a touch of class. Unfortunately, their material is highly susceptible to oil, makeup, sunlight, and heat damage.

Maintain the appearance of your phone case by regularly cleaning it. Doing this helps prevent bacteria growth and other germs from invading.

Step 1: Use a microfiber cloth to gently clean your leather mobile cover with a mild soap solution. Generally, gentle hand or dish soap will do the trick; alternatively, you can also use an appropriate cleaner explicitly made for leather care.

Once finished, use a paper towel or another cloth to wipe away excess water and dry your case. Doing this helps avoid scratches. If there are any stubborn stains, repeat this process until your leather phone case is back in excellent condition.


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