How to Clean Crocs


The first step in cleaning white crocs is to massage the fur lining. This helps remove dirt and debris. Avoid pulling on the fur lining when massaging. Rinse with cold water after massaging the lining. Blot inside the shoes to remove excess water. Repeat this process until you have clean, white crocs.

Baking soda

If you’re having trouble keeping the lining of your Crocs clean, try rubbing the inside with baking soda. It has odour-absorbing and bacterial-killing properties. You can leave the baking soda overnight or mix it with baking powder or cornstarch. You can also expose the shoes to sunlight to help bleach them and remove odours. Then, after a couple of hours, rinse them well.

Another great use for baking soda is to deodorize your Crocs. It can be combined with vinegar to remove odours and freshen them up. You’ll need three parts baking soda to one part vinegar, and apply the paste with a finger. Allow the paste to sit inside your Crocs for a few minutes. Afterwards, wash the shoes with cool water.

Wet wipes

A wet wipe to clean your Crocs is a great way to eliminate spills and dirt. Squeeze the wet wipe through the holes to clean the soles. You can also use baking soda and vinegar as cleaning agents. These two ingredients will break down dirt and remove odour.

Another helpful cleaning method for your Crocs is using a soft toothbrush or pencil eraser. This will remove dirt and bacteria. If the stains are stubborn, try using a Mr Clean Magic Eraser or a soft cloth to scrub away the dirt. Finally, rinse your Crocs and let them air dry.


Bleach is a common solvent used for cleaning most types of surfaces. It is also an effective disinfectant and is readily available in most stores. However, the harsh chemicals found in bleach can be harmful to most types of Crocs, and you should only use it to a limited extent. The chemical will eventually weaken and discolour the Croslite material. Furthermore, it is harmful to the skin and eyes, and people who suffer from respiratory issues should be avoided.

When using bleach to clean Crocs, it is essential to wear rubber gloves to avoid harming the delicate materials. Afterwards, it would help if you rinsed the shoes with cold water. Moreover, you should avoid using bleach on white crocs since it can ruin their appearance. Alternatively, you can use a formula 409 surface cleaning spray to remove tough dirt and stains.

Cleaning sheepskin fabric

There are several methods for cleaning sheepskin fabric for crocs. The first method involves applying an absorbent powder to the sheepskin. Then, using a vacuum, you can remove the powder. You can also use a wire wool brush to fluff the sheepskin. This will prevent the wool from curling and produce a fluffy lining inside the shoe.

To clean sheepskin lining on Crocs, ensure that the lining is dry and free of stains. To do this, sprinkle the lining with an absorbent powder that matches the colour of the lining. You can use a neutral powder to match most linings. If the wool is coloured, you can use a mixture of salt and baking soda. You must be gentle and do this in one direction to avoid curling or smearing the wool. Then, dry-clean the wool to restore its original texture.

Cleaning crocs’ lining

Cleaning crocs’ lining can be a challenge. However, there are several ways to remove dirt and stains. First, you can try to wash the shoes with mild detergent. While this can cause a mess, it will remove most of the grime. You can also use a microfiber cloth to scrub the dirty area. Once you’re done washing, let the shoe air dry before storing them.

It is essential to clean the lining if you want to keep your crocs in top shape for a long time. You can use mild soap in warm water. This will remove the odour and dirt while leaving the crocs looking spotless and smelling fresh. It will also help you get rid of stains.

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