How to Clean a BBQ Grill


Maintaining your barbecue’s cleanliness is essential for its longevity and performance. Here’s how:

Remove the burners, side walls, and drip pan, and clean them off with mild dish soap and water.

Clean the Grates

Maintaining your grill grates is an essential step in producing top-notch barbecue food. Grease, oil, marinades, and other residue accumulating on them can adversely affect the taste of whatever you cook.

Cleaning a stainless steel barbecue grill grate is the most straightforward task. A soft brush will do wonders in eliminating burnt food and grease buildup.

After each use, cleaning the grates is necessary to keep them sanitary and extend their life.

When using porcelain cooking grates, be sure not to use the blade at the end of your grill brush; doing so could scratch and cause rust.

Another way to clean your grates is by soaking them in a 50/50 solution of water and vinegar. You may also spray some dish soap onto them to help break up any stubborn grease buildup.

Clean the Lid

Maintaining your grill after each use ensures it looks neat,, but a deep clean once a year is essential to keeping it in optimal condition. A well-maintained grill not only makes cleaning more accessible, but it will also perform better and cook food more evenly.

Lynsey Queen of Clean suggests spritzing the lid with water and using newspaper to scrape away any residue buildup gently. Alternatively, you could use a non-caustic BBQ cleaner like Weber Q Cleaner or mix white vinegar and water for an effective clean.

If you don’t clean it regularly, ash can accumulate on the lid. Keep an empty metal bucket near your grill and tip in any leftover ashes when the barbecue has cooled to prevent this. Doing this makes cleaning up later much more straightforward and prevents it from forming a cement-like substance that’s difficult to remove.

Clean the Top

Whether you just purchased a new grill or yours is looking a bit grubby after winter, giving it a thorough clean before use is always beneficial. Not only does a barbecue’s exterior look great when cleaned, but it also helps improve its performance and extend its life.

Once you’ve cleaned your barbecue, keeping it tidy and in top condition is essential. Experts tell us that after each use, it’s necessary to wipe down the exterior of a barbecue with a brush; this will prevent grease build-up and food residue buildup.

Cleaning your barbecue also reduces the risk of fire hazards. If you own a flat-top grill, ensure its flame tamers and grates are cleaned.

To clean a barbecue grill’s top, spray with a cleaning solution and leave for about five minutes before wiping down. Finally, give your barbecue grill an oil coat of sunflower oil before each use to prevent food from sticking and prevent rusting.

Clean the Exterior

Your barbecue grill’s exterior can become dirty from all the food and grease accumulating on it. To prevent this buildup of grime and create a difficult-to-clean mess, clean your barbecue grill before and after each use.

Start by cleaning the grease tray and discarding any built-up grease inside it. This should quickly come off your barbecue and can be degreased with some degreaser.

Additionally, it would be best if you cleaned hot plates and char grill plates, flame diffusers, and warmer racks. These can be sprayed with a degreaser, scrubbed gently with a sponge, then rinsed thoroughly.

Once the BBQ has been cleaned, use a stainless steel cleaner to restore its shine. Be careful not to scratch the finish, protected with an invisible layer of chromium oxide film; scratching could lead to rust and render your barbecue unusable.

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