Hood Jeans Review


Hood Jeans are renowned for their high level of protection and quality. They are certified to prEN 17092, offering severe abrasion and impact protection.

They also come with optional D3O hip and knee armor (CE level 1 or CE level 2) and a very comfortable lining called K-tech Para-aramid.


Hood jeans are well-designed and made to offer the ultimate comfort for riders. They combine para-aramid lining (a bit like Kevlar) with 3DO armor for abrasion resistance and impact protection.

They’ve got a YKK metal zip fly and solidly-fixed waist button, with six belt loops keeping the pants comfortable all the way around. Manufacturers often overlook these little details, but they make a big difference to how comfortable you feel wearing them.

The jeans also have optional D30 hip and knee armor; this is CE Level 1 or CE Level 2 and is available at a premium price, but it’s money well spent. The D30 armor is attached to the jeans with large Velcro strips and offers flexibility.


The Hood K7/AAA jeans are made from quality denim, with a relatively lightweight aramid lining behind to optimize abrasion resistance. They come in stonewash blue, black, or dark navy and are available for men and women.

These are British brands established in 1998 by Chris and Julie Easterford. Their roots are very much in denim – with Chris’ parents helping set up Falmer Jeans in the 1950s and working at Lee Cooper Denim in the 1960s.

The company focuses on the protection they offer, which has been its core strength ever since. Their jeans are the first to be CE certified to new personal protective equipment standards. They were among the first companies to produce motorcycle garments with abrasion resistance by the EN 17092 standard that became law in 2018.


The SK11 and K7 jeans have an incredibly comfortable fit that’s surprisingly flexible and not restrictive. The stretch denim makes them even comfier, while the airflow meshes inner helps to keep you cool.

Founded by Chris and Julie Easterford, the family-run company has a long jean-making history, starting in 1998 when they worked for Lee Cooper. They’re now specialists in designing and producing CE-certified armored riding jeans.

Their SK11s is one of the first motorcycle jackets to be certified to the new PPE Regulation 2016/425; prEN 17092-3, AA-rated protective clothing for motorcyclists standard. The abrasion-resistant K-tech Para-aramid lining (think Kevlar) is backed by 3DO armor, providing excellent abrasion and impact protection.


If you’ve been looking for a pair of high-quality, CE-certified motorcycle jeans that are fully protective, you should consider Hood Jeans. These are made in the UK by a family company with a heritage in denim.

This means they know how to make great jeans; you can see it in their designs and materials. They use quality denim and a lightweight para-aramid lining behind for optimum abrasion resistance.

The material is a blend of cotton and para-aramid which, although it’s not as well-known as Du Pont’s Kevlar, is a severe protection material in its own right. It’s woven or knitted into the fabric to resist abrasion, heat, knives, and bullets.


Hood Jeans are an established company based in Norfolk, UK, that specializes in designing and manufacturing CE-certified armored motorcycle jeans. They use para-aramid (think Kevlar), which gives them excellent abrasion resistance and impact protection.

They also have a lightweight mesh liner that reduces the likelihood of skin-sheer injuries from a slide. That’s a serious issue, as it can lead to internal delamination of the flesh, which can be painful and take weeks to heal.

They are a good option for those looking for protective motorcycle jeans at an affordable price. However, they tend to be rather expensive, especially compared to some of their competitors.

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