Homie Real Estate Reviews


Homie real estate reviews are mixed, but most don’t sound fake and mention problems closing on the property. Whether it was Homie’s lack of in-person support or a higher flat rate than the original quote, most reviews mention problems. However, these issues can be resolved by switching to a traditional real estate agent.

Homie’s flat-fee model for home sellers

Unlike most realtors, Homie agents do not charge a commission for their work. They charge a flat fee, which can save sellers thousands of dollars. Plus, Homie agents never have to see a home and do not handle many of the typical duties of a realtor. Unfortunately, the service is only available in five Rocky Mountain states.

Homie offers a flat fee to sellers in their five-state service area, typically from $2,000 in Utah to $3,500 in Colorado. Homie also charges a buyer’s agent fee, which adds between two and three percent to the final total. Sellers also need to pay their usual closing costs.

Homie aims to make the real estate market more consumer-centric. The company aims to cut down on middlemen and streamline the buying and selling process. They also offer in-house legal teams, mortgage brokers, and insurance brokers. The company also charges a cancellation fee of $199 per transaction. The flat-fee model for home sellers is making waves in the real estate industry. While some real estate investors may balk at a flat fee for realtor services, the company says it has already saved its customers $55 million in commissions.

Homie was founded in 2015 and launched its services in March 2016. Within 18 months, it was the number-one brokerage in Utah. After two years, it raised $18.5 million in funding and is on its way to dominating the US market.

Agents’ lack of in-person support

Whether buying or selling a home, you may want to look into Homie’s services, but you should be aware of the potential trade-offs. While Homie agents can provide support through phone calls and email, they are limited in assistance without a physical presence. For this reason, you should compare a couple of Homie agents with other services before making your final decision.

Homie real estate agents’ lack of in-person support has led to numerous complaints from clients who used their services. Moreover, Homie agents may be too busy for in-person support since they may handle 10x the number of customers. This, in turn, may lead to incomplete support, which can be frustrating. In addition, the lack of in-person support means that you’ll have to hound your Homie agent to reach him.

However, Homie does offer one advantage: its low costs. In addition to a flat $3,500 listing fee, Homie agents charge a flat fee for their services. This is lower than the average cost of hiring a traditional real estate agent. This also means that Homie will not charge you a commission, typically about 2.5-3% of the home’s final price. Besides the lower price, Homie offers many benefits, such as professional photography, lock boxes, and MLS listing. Compared to these, traditional real estate agents and home-buying tech companies will charge you up to 15 percent of the total price of your home.

Homie also advertises meager real estate commission rates, which they offset by serving a more significant number of customers. This saves them money and passes the savings on to customers through low listing fees. Homie offers sellers a flat $3,500 listing fee, which can save thousands of dollars if you sell a higher-priced property. However, if you’re selling property below $100,000, Homie will cost you as much as a traditional full-price realtor.


Homie is a real estate company that sells homes for a flat fee. Homie offers its services in five service areas and assigns a dedicated agent for each sale. The fee ranges from $2,000 in Utah to $3,500 in Colorado and is due at closing. The fee includes a buyer’s agent fee, typically between 2 1/2 and 3 percent of the sale price. Homie also covers the usual closing costs, such as taxes and insurance.

Homie has a team of real estate agents and mortgage coaches to help its clients buy and sell a home. These professionals help the seller decide the price and terms of sale. The Homie team also offers insurance broker services. They also offer an online tool that allows users to create offers and get support from a real estate agent.

Homie does charge a flat fee, but the cost is lower than what many homeowners would pay a real estate agent. This is because Homie agents do not visit the homes they sell and do most of the work themselves. Homie’s ancillary services include attorney assistance and contract reminders.

Homie agents are helpful, but they’re not necessarily the best choice for people who do not have extensive knowledge of real estate. Agents at Homie usually sit behind a desk and contact clients by phone or email. This means that they may not be able to answer all of your questions as quickly as a real estate agent. That is why it’s essential to interview a Homie agent before hiring him or her.

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