Heysia Clothing Reviews


Heysia is a clothing site that sells ladies’ dresses. It is trying to pass itself off as a genuine online fashion store, but there are plenty of red flags that will tell you to steer clear. There are many reasons to avoid using this site, including the fact that it has no security measures and that the content is copied from other sites.

Scam site

There are some serious red flags on Heysia’s website. First, the content on the site is copied from other sites. You can easily find the images they use using a Google Image Search. A simple site would never do this, as it must be unique and original. This Heysia site also lacks security measures.

When it comes to refunds, the website will often give you only a few per cent of the cost of the product. In other cases, you may not even get a refund. Moreover, you will have no way of contacting the site’s owner unless you know them. Therefore, you should avoid this kind of site.

No security measures

One major problem with Heysia is that its website lacks security measures. While it uses an SSL certificate, a standard security measure on most websites, it lacks anything else. Security measures on sites are crucial for the protection of user information. Hackers are always trying to steal big companies’ data, and websites need to take steps to protect user data.

No customer reviews

Heysia Clothing is a website selling ladies’ dresses. The site is currently running a Mother’s Day sale, but I would be cautious about placing orders with this company. Although they are trying to look legitimate, I can’t help but see a few red flags. This is just one of many online fashion and clothing sites.

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