Gartic Phone Game Review


If you’re looking for an enjoyable game on your phone, consider checking out Gartic Phone. This game uses drawing to make sentences, so instead of using words, players use drawings instead. This means that sentences can get very twisted. The game includes several game modes, including a Discord server. In addition, Garlic Phone also includes a lot of customization options.


The Garlic Phone is a fun game that combines creativity and fun. Like other games of its kind, it functions by drawing statements and interpreting them from other players. The difference is that each player cannot see the other’s drawings and the process can get rather chaotic. However, there are a few presets that can help you improve your game experience.

The first game mode is called the Original Mode. The game requires you to draw a drawing in a limited amount of time, but this doesn’t prevent you from having a lot of fun. The second mode, called Animation Mode, allows all players to create animations. This model is a great way to practice drawing in a small amount of time.

Lastly, there is Custom Mode, where you can change various settings. This mode lets you play the game in a more personalized way. This is especially handy when the game is being played with a group of friends. Since the game is browser-based, it can be played from any location with an internet connection.

Custom mode

Garlic Phone game is a free web browser game that allows players to create their custom game mode. The original game mode is the most popular, as it’s the ultimate casual game. This mode is free from tricks, and it gives players ample time to draw, create, and writing prompts.

The game is designed to be played with friends, but it is also possible to play alone. The game uses Discord, which is a platform that allows players to communicate with other players over text, voice, and video. This requires the use of an authenticated Discord account. Once you’ve created an account, you can join the game.

This mode allows users to create and share custom images, as well as share them with other players. The game allows for up to 30 players. The custom mode is accessible from the start menu.

Repetitive gameplay

Garlic Phone is a browser-based party game. In addition to offering an extensive variety of game modes, the game allows players to customize their own game experience. Players can choose to play one of the 12 preset game modes or create a new one of their own. Each mode provides an exciting variation on the collaborative drawing concept.

This game can be played by a single player or as a group of up to 30 players. It is available on the PC, iOS, and Android platforms. Unlike some other online games, the game does not require any download. It is played directly in the browser and is free to play.

Garlic Phone’s original mode was one of the game’s most addictive features. This mode is ideal for a casual gamer, as it has no tricks and allows players to complete their turn within the time limit. It’s also great for newbies, as it gives them enough time to learn the mechanics of the game.

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