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Garda Capital Partners is an alternative investment manager specializing in fixed-income relative value trading strategies for select institutional investors, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and known for focusing on global interest rate differentials and sovereign debt instruments. Their portfolio managers specialize in exploiting opportunities presented by global interest rate disparities and sovereign debt instruments.

Ashwin Kumar oversees its technology infrastructure as Garda’s Chief Technology Officer. He joined Black River in 2004 and boasts 19 years of IT management experience.

Founded in 2003

Garda Capital Partners invests in fixed-income assets, particularly sovereign debt instruments, from developed markets. Their team of seasoned professionals boasts extensive expertise in global interest rate differentials and market structure.

Established in 2003 and located in Minneapolis, MN, this company employs 110 staff and generates $3.9M in annual revenue. Robert Goedken serves as its Chief Executive Officer.

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Roy Naccarato has served Garda Capital Partners in their Repurchase Agreement Trading division as a director for 15 years. Before that, he held various financial market roles at Black River Asset Management before coming to Garda. Roy holds his doctorate in Physics from Loyola University and a bachelor’s degree.

Garda Capital Partners strives to protect and grow capital for institutional investors entrusting their assets with them to fulfill their promises to stakeholders. They do this through one investment strategy focusing on fixed income relative value investing. Over many market cycles, their integrity and approach have won them the trust of both investors and counterparties.

Managing Partner Jeff Drobny

Garda Capital Partners was established in 2003 and specializes in fixed-income relative value strategies worldwide. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and boasting offices in Geneva Switzerland, Garda’s clients include institutional investors and companies providing technology services for the financial industry.

Jeff Drobny is the managing partner of Garda Capital Partners. With a background in finance from Union College and over ten years of experience working in the financial industry, his expertise in trading and asset management has won him investors’ trust. Beyond professional achievements, he also believes strongly in charitable giving; recently making donations to the Children’s Cancer Research Fund and publishing an article about Mariah who survived osteogenic sarcoma – one of the most prevalent bone cancers among children.

Tim Magnusson serves as Head of Investor Relations for Garda Capital Partners bringing him over 16 years of experience trading the global interest rate markets. Before Garda, he held portfolio management duties with Black River Asset Management LLC before joining Garda’s Investment Committee since its formation.

Robert Goedken serves as both COO and General Counsel at Garda Capital Partners. With more than 25 years of legal experience in financial industry companies such as Cargill and Black River Asset Management LLC, Robert has held senior roles at each organization.

Managing Partner Tim Magnusson

Garda Capital Partners is a hedge fund management company offering fixed-income relative value strategies to select institutional investors. Established by Jeff Drobny and Tim Magnusson in 2003, Garda was created to preserve and build upon investment and risk management processes developed at Cargill Incorporated during over a decade of trading experience – methods whose integrity have earned Garda’s investors and counterparties the utmost trust throughout all market cycles.

The name of Drobny’s firm pays homage to her mother’s hometown in northern Italy, with its management team comprising Jeff Drobny, Tim Magnusson, Rob Goedken, and Gary Cameron having extensive knowledge and experience with fixed income relative value markets. Furthermore, this global institution serves an array of sophisticated clients from around the globe.

Ted Farrell, managing partner and chief risk officer of Garda, leads its risk management group and oversees risk measurement and evaluation for Garda’s fixed income relative value strategies. With over two decades of experience in financial industry roles at Black River Asset Management and Scotiabank prior to joining Garda, Mr. Farrell brings unparalleled leadership.

Roy Naccarato brings over 15 years of professional experience to Garda Capital Partners of Minnesota in the US where he currently works as Director of Repo Trading and part of their leadership team since 2023.

Managing Partner Robert Goedken

Garda Capital Partners is a Minneapolis, MN-based private investment firm. Their portfolio management, financial planning, and investment advisory services specialize in fixed-income markets worldwide. Furthermore, Garda manages the Garda Fixed Income Relative Value Opportunity Master Fund which currently holds assets of $97 billion.

Garda Investment Management Group has invested in relative value strategies for over 18 years. Their approach to investing has earned them the trust of investors and counterparties alike over many market cycles, with their collaborative style of operation and strong dedication to serving their clients.

Tim Magnusson has over two decades of experience working in the energy and financial industries. As a managing partner at Garda since 2022, Tim brings extensive knowledge in finance and risk management as an expert trader on both energy and financial markets.

Robert Goedken has over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. He possesses extensive knowledge of various products, interpersonal relations, effective communication, and taking a constructive approach to problem-solving; all while being a great team player with excellent knowledge of credit unions. Robert is an Alumnus of Marquette University where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration. Additionally, he is certified financial planner.

Managing Partner Jeffrey Hu

Garda Capital Partners is a fixed income relative value specialist driven by a collaborative and rigorous investment approach, dedicated to protecting and growing capital for sophisticated institutional investors. Their flagship investment strategy exploits opportunities in global interest rate disparities and sovereign debt instruments across developed markets. Their firm boasts offices in Wayzata, Minnesota; New York City; Geneva, Switzerland and Copenhagen, Denmark with the trust of both investors and counterparties earned through many market cycles.

Tim Magnusson joined Garda Investment Management in 2016 after spending 12 years at Black River Asset Management as Portfolio Manager on their Rates Team.

Jonathan Peters serves as Director of Research at Garda Securities, overseeing the design and implementation of trading analytics for their Rates team. Before joining Garda, Jonathan served as Quantitative Analyst at Black River where he provided support and maintenance of their Rates team’s analytical tools.

Jacob Jorgensen is a Portfolio Manager specializing in Relative Value trading of global interest rates and related markets. He joined our team in 2017 following a 16-year career at Danske Bank where he oversaw European rates trading as well as global swaps trading operations. Jacob holds both an MS in Business Administration & Finance from Aarhus School of Business as well as his CFA(r).

Managing Partner Jacob Jorgensen

Garda Capital Partners of Minneapolis is a fixed income relative value specialist offering collaborative investing. Their flagship investment strategy captures opportunities in interest rate differentials and sovereign debt instruments in developed markets; clients include pension funds, endowments, and insurance firms worldwide. Garda has an extensive track record of alpha generation through various market cycles.

Gary Cameron is the portfolio manager at Garda, responsible for trading US interest rate derivative markets. With more than two decades of experience in financial industry positions held at JP Morgan in New York, London and Tokyo and being head of their USD interest rate swaps business, Gary brings immense depth of knowledge and skill.

Roderick Knowles is the portfolio manager at Garda, focused on European relative value trading. He joined Garda through the Black River Associate Program in 2014. Roderick brings over 20 years of financial industry experience from Black River and Merrill Lynch (both based in New York and London).

Jacob Jorgensen is the Managing Partner of Velocity, an early-stage venture fund investing in life science and clean tech companies. As a technologist, engineer, physicist, he holds 17 patents (with 12 more pending) for his work in broadband wireless system architecture, computer telephony integration and enterprise networking system design. Furthermore, Jacob earned a mini MBA and took a course at Stanford University on managing high-technology companies.

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