Free Office Programs For Your PC


If you’re looking for a free office program for your PC, there are several different options that you should consider. Whether you need a word processor, a spreadsheet, or a presentation tool, there are several options to choose from. This article will review some of the most popular choices currently available.


LibreOffice is a free office suite that offers users an alternative to Microsoft Office. It provides several standard tools like word processing, spreadsheets, and graphics. But it also has a few unique features that are not available in the MS Office suite.

While it is not perfect, the free LibreOffice is a solid option. The program is easy to use and has a friendly interface. As a bonus, it is free and open source.

In addition to being free, it’s also a free office suite that provides several different applications. There are pre-made tools such as a presentation editor and a database editor. And it offers apps for drawing, math formulas, and slideshow creation.

If you want to learn how to use the software, there are tutorials on the LibreOffice website. You can also look at a video of the program in action.

Google Docs Editors

Google Docs is an online word-processing tool that enables real-time collaboration. It also offers robust text formatting features. In addition, it includes a built-in chat feature so that you can chat with your teammates directly on your document.

As an alternative to Microsoft Word, Google Docs offers a free web-based word processing tool. You will need a Google account and a web browser to use it.

You can access Google Docs from your desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. It has an editor, table of contents, paragraph spacing, and other essential functions. There is also an option to drag and drop pages and images. Unlike Microsoft Office, however, Google Docs does not offer an integrated task structure.

Google Docs allows you to make comments and track changes so that you can keep track of your progress. For example, you can view all the document versions at once and see who has been making the changes.

Mobisystems’ OfficeSuite Professional

Mobisystems’ OfficeSuite Professional is one of the most popular free mobile office suites available. It is a complete office solution that offers Microsoft Office-like functionality. With Mobisystems OfficeSuite, users can easily create, edit, and share their documents. This program supports various file types, including DOC, PDF, TXT, RFT, JPEG, PNG, XLS, and XML.

Users can use the app to create documents, convert documents, and save and access their work. The software also integrates with various cloud services. For instance, users can upload and share documents through Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, and SkyDrive.

Mobisystems OfficeSuite Professional is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Its features include a touch-screen document editor, a PDF editor, and a mail client with a calendar. In addition, the program has a variety of security measures and support for cloud services.


Smartsheet is an online project management tool that allows users to track and manage their projects. It uses spreadsheets to facilitate collaboration and enable users to view and share data.

Smartsheet has a streamlined user interface with a function toolbar at the top of each window. This is similar to the interface of Microsoft’s Excel product.

While Smartsheet offers a variety of features, it does not provide all the features users may need. If you want advanced project management reporting, you will need to upgrade to one of the more expensive plans.

In addition, there are no time-tracking tools, and some of the most valuable features, such as activity logs and proofing, are omitted. A free account only lets you create single tasks, which is not practical for most teams.

Dropbox Paper

Dropbox Paper is an online collaborative workspace that allows teams to collaborate on projects. It is an excellent tool for groups with varying skill sets. You can create a document within a project, embed popular apps, and add images, videos, and code snippets.

A few key features of the app make it worth taking a look at. These include the ability to collaborate with other teams, the ability to track milestones, and the ability to create documents in any of the primary document formats.

The Dropbox Paper app is available for iOS and Android. It has a responsive interface, doing writing and editing your documents easy.

Although the interface is straightforward, it lacks a lot of essential features. For example, it does not provide a simple spell check and lacks a simple way to revert changes. However, it has some exciting features, including an embedded chat room.

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