Finding Airport Jobs That Are Right For You


Whether you are interested in aviation or not, you can find jobs in airports worldwide. You can find plenty of opportunities in the air, from security screeners to airport security. In addition, several airport jobs involve parking enforcement.

Airline pilots

Generally speaking, airline pilots spend at least a few days away from home every week. They may also work many days in a row, followed by days off.

Airline pilots are paid per hour for every hour that they are on a flight. They also receive a per diem rate that covers meals and incidentals. Most airlines also offer health benefits.

The first step to becoming a pilot is to earn an FAA commercial pilot’s license. This includes a medical clearance. You will then take some simulator tests and pass an instrument rating test.

You will also have to get your pilot’s certificate. Several regional airlines offer training. Some offer sign-on bonuses. Others provide relocation expenses.

Most airlines will guarantee you a minimum number of hours in a month. You will also be able to earn a pension scheme.

Airline reservation agents

Typically, airline reservation agents are responsible for booking tickets for passengers traveling by air. They use computer systems to input and calculate fares and help customers select the best itinerary. These individuals work in large central offices of airlines.

Most of these employees work 40 hours a week, but they may work extra hours or shifts during the evening and on weekends. In addition, many employers pay for overtime.

In addition to providing information about flights, ticketing agents also help passengers board and de-board the aircraft. They are also responsible for collecting payments from customers.

They must understand and follow all regulations and policies set by the airline. They are also responsible for educating passengers about the various applicable fees and taxes. They also have to solve problems daily.

Avionics technician

Using various hand tools, avionics technicians perform maintenance and repair on aircraft electronics. They work with different equipment, from flight navigation systems to communications systems. They must ensure that all equipment is working correctly and accurately diagnose problems. They are also responsible for maintaining planes’ computer systems and radars.

Avionics technicians typically start their careers by taking classes at a technical school or apprenticeship program. Many employers prefer candidates with a high school diploma or associate’s degree. However, other employers may require candidates to have a four-year bachelor’s degree. In addition, they can earn certifications in a specific area of expertise, such as flight navigation systems.

Besides having good math and computer skills, avionics technicians must have a solid understanding of advanced physics and electronics. For example, they must be able to read airplane wiring diagrams and schematics, and they should be able to troubleshoot and test complicated avionics equipment.

Airport security screeners

Typically, airport security screeners work in teams. They check passengers’ documentation, examine carry-on luggage, and monitor entry and exit points to prevent crime. They also perform pat-down searches as needed.

To be an airport security screener, you must pass a criminal background check, get a security clearance, and undergo drug testing. You will also have to give a series of training to learn the specific skill set you need to perform your job.

You will also need to be in good health. Nearly a third of airport security screeners do not receive medical benefits. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the average salary for a security screening specialist to increase by 6 percent through 2026.

You will need a high school diploma and a background check. You will also undergo on-the-job training to become a level-one screener. In addition, you will learn how to identify and handle hazardous objects properly.

Parking enforcement professionals

Thousands of vehicles enter and leave airports every day. To keep everyone safe, having a well-maintained parking lot is essential. The correct parking regulations are also vital to smooth traffic flow. A snafu with parking rules can have catastrophic results.

The best way to do this is by using an automated parking enforcement software solution. Whether you need to manage a single lot or the entire airport, this scalable system has your back. ABM provides parking services to 75+ airports worldwide. They provide solutions to parking management, cleaning, and maintenance. They are a preferred provider of parking services to many large airports.

In short, they are your go-to resource for deploying the best-in-class parking solutions.

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