Figs Yola Pants Review


Our Figs Yola Pants review is a mixed bag. The fit is inconsistent and many customers refer to them as “small.” Others found them to be too loose, so they are probably best for “fit” guys. The only downfall is the company’s inconsistent customer service, which makes it difficult to determine if they deliver on their promises.

Figs’s marketing fluff makes it hard to tell whether the brand delivers on its promises

While Figs has made a name for itself in the scrubs industry, the hefty price tag makes it difficult to tell if the brand delivers on its promises. The brand is famous for its promotional campaigns, which often include sponsored brand ambassadors. However, it’s difficult to tell if the brand delivers on the promises it makes when it comes to the fit and quality of its scrubs.

A recent ad by FIGS made waves on Facebook after the medical community expressed outrage over the brand’s ad featuring a female DO in pink scrubs holding an upside-down book. This ad was viewed by thousands of people, and many of them were angry about it.

Figs’ customer service isn’t great for those living outside of the United States

Despite the fact that Figs offers a wide selection of styles, fit, and fabrics, customer reviews note that there is room for improvement. Several customers complained that their scrubs ran a little small or were too loose. Although sizing is inconsistent, FIGS scrubs do fit most “fit” guys. While the company is not the worst option for men’s scrubs, Figs’ customer service isn’t good.

Figs has a solid reputation in the scrubs industry, but prices are higher than average. Scrubs can cost $50 to $100, and the quality varies. Some scrubs are less expensive than others, while others have poorer fit and quality. However, Figs has a loyal fan base who swear they will never buy another brand. Others believe that the company is too hyped to be true.

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