Fidelity Life Insurance Reviews


Fidelity Life Insurance is a company that has partnered with MassMutual to provide life insurance for individuals and businesses. The company has a nationwide network of advisors and a total of $32 billion in life insurance policies. Many types of life insurance policies are available from Fidelity, and reading a Fidelity life insurance review can help you make the right decision for your specific needs. The reviews take into consideration a variety of factors, including the cost and availability of coverage options.

Policy exclusions

Fidelity Life offers term life insurance policies, which provide a death benefit. They also offer riders, including those for family members, inflation, and return of premium. In addition to term life policies, Fidelity Life also offers whole life policies that include riders for accidental death, dependent children, and terminal illness.

Reading your policy’s fine print to understand the exclusions is essential. These can prevent you from receiving your death benefit in a covered accident. These types of exclusions are commonly found in life insurance policies. You should consult with your agent to learn more about what your policy may not cover.

Fidelity Life Insurance offers a Lump Sum Cancer Insurance Policy. This type of policy provides limited coverage for specified diseases. Fidelity Life Insurance also offers a Medicare supplement plan. Knowing these plans are only available in certain states is essential.

Policy riders

You can add child riders to a Fidelity Life Insurance policy to cover your children’s financial needs. These policies pay benefits of up to $25,000 and cover your child’s expenses up to their 23rd birthday. These policies also cover adoption and stepchildren. However, child riders are not available in every state. Consult a life insurance agent to get the best coverage for your child.

Another option is the accelerated benefits rider. This type of rider lets you access your death benefit early if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness. This type of rider can be added to your Fidelity Life plan without increasing your premium. This is an easy and risk-free way to get more coverage for your money.

The Return of Premium Rider is available with a term or whole life policy. This type of rider provides a guaranteed amount to your beneficiary if you die prematurely. The return of premium rider may grade up to 100% at the end of a policy term. This rider allows you to protect your child’s financial future while preserving your current lifestyle.

Policy cost

Fidelity Life is one of the oldest life insurance providers in the country. They are known for providing their customers with the broadest range of options and coverage at best possible price. The company offers term products with lower premiums, and its policy approval time is often quicker than other insurance providers. However, they do charge higher premiums for policies that require medical underwriting.

Fidelity Life offers a wide variety of insurance products and services, including permanent life insurance and term life insurance. They also offer two types of final expense plans. The policies can be purchased through the internet or an app. You can also speak to an insurance agent for help choosing the best plan for your needs. You can buy a term life insurance policy in increments of five years.

Fidelity also offers a whole life insurance policy. This type of insurance provides a guaranteed death benefit and cash value component. However, the policy is only available to those ages 50 to 85. The company’s website is straightforward and offers an online quote tool. While Fidelity’s rates can be high for some policies, the company is a good option for people who need a high level of coverage in an emergency.

Policy availability

Fidelity Life Insurance offers various life insurance products, including term and whole life insurance. Their policies provide lifelong protection, with level premiums and benefits that never expire. The policies also build cash value over time. Whether you need coverage for your children’s education or final expenses, Fidelity Life offers several right products.

The Fidelity Life application process differs based on the product you’re applying for. For a basic life insurance policy, you can apply online within minutes. For more advanced policies, you’ll need to complete a health questionnaire and undergo a medical exam.

Fidelity Life offers a guaranteed issue policy to applicants ages 50-85. This policy doesn’t require a medical exam and offers coverage from $5,000 to $35,000 for a specified period. This is an excellent option for people with pre-existing conditions. Fidelity Life offers various products for individuals and families, specialising in life insurance.

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