ESRI Training – Leverage Your People to Make a Greater Impact With ArcGIS


If your organization is interested in adopting and leveraging ArcGIS, Esri offers training courses designed to meet your specific needs. These courses feature in-depth discussions of course topics and instructor-guided applications of class concepts. Esri’s flexible solutions also help your organization leverage its people and make a more significant impact with ArcGIS. To take advantage of these solutions, your organization should request a letter of intent or purchase order. In addition, Esri offers change management services that help organizations manage the workforce impacts of new technology adoption.

Getting started with ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro is a powerful software application for creating and editing maps. It offers several features that can help you create visually stunning maps. It also helps you make confident cartographic decisions with tools such as precise layout grids. These layout grids guide you in making important choices about the placement of map elements, colours, and symbols. ArcGIS Pro also supports ArcGIS Online Smart Mapping, which lets you visualize data from multiple sources. It is designed for users who want to create and edit maps for business and personal use and assumes that you already have some GIS knowledge.

There are several ways to get started with ArcGIS Pro. The ArcGIS for Desktop book walks you through the basic features and functions step-by-step. First, you should have basic Windows knowledge, including navigating the application and managing files.

Getting certified

Getting certified with Esri is an excellent way to set yourself apart from your competition and validate your skills and knowledge. There are several levels of certification, ranging from Desktop to Enterprise Administration. These exams cover various topics, including coding and managing geospatial data.

The Esri Technical Certification Program is designed for GIS professionals, enterprise administrators, and application developers. It helps employers identify skilled Esri users and promotes a workforce skilled in Esri best practices. In addition, Esri offers preparation materials for the ArcGIS Desktop Associate and Professional exams. Users must register for an exam appointment through Esri. Once they have a confirmed appointment, they will receive an email confirming their appointment. The Esri Store also sells Esri Vouchers, which can be used to take the exam.

The cost of getting certified with Esri varies, depending on the certification level and the exam type. Typically, a single exam will cost 150-250 dollars. An exam will include 40-100 questions and take between one and two hours. Ensure you understand the exam requirements and budget accordingly.

Do-it-yourself apps

For those interested in learning how to build geo-enabled apps without having to spend money on a costly course, ESRI offers a free MOOC course that will teach you the basics of building geo apps. The course will teach you how to use ArcGIS Online and its application templates. It will also introduce you to the AppStudio software and the Esri GeoDev community.

Geoapps are interactive web applications that allow for contributions in real time. P prepackaged web apps on Esri’s website can help you get started. However, if you want to go further, you can take the “Do-it-yourself geoapps” course and learn how to create custom web apps using Esri software.

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