Ernest and the Flower Shops Chords


Ernest has rapidly established himself as one of country music’s rising young talents, teaming up with Morgan Wallen on the hit song “Flower Shops.” The lyrics narrate a charming love story between two unlikely individuals while their combined musical talents add depth and emotion to this emotive track that listeners cannot help but sink their teeth into.

Deschamps Fleuriste Paris

Paris and other French cities owe much of their flora-filled splendor to artist Luc Deschamps. His artistic expressions range from decorating storefronts and hotel facades to designing elaborate floral installations – not forgetting individual clients through his boutique in the 17th arrondissement of Paris!

Whatever urban space he works on – flower-adorned balconies or the charming exteriors of brasseries and restaurants – his floral masterpieces make an attractive addition. He readily acknowledges that his success would have significantly diminished without social media and its many photo-sharing channels.

Deschamps praises Machaut as an “earthly god of harmony” and a fountain from Cirrha and Helicon’s waters in Ballade 124. In parallel with Chaucer, who also cultivated classical works while employing their language within his poetry, Deschamps draws comparisons between himself and Machaut’s approach.


Anais is an alluring name with the meaning attached: Grace. An evolution of Anne (itself a French diminutive for Annette and a source for Anouk, Anouchka, and Ninon), Anais can serve as a blend-in/stand choice depending on your child’s personality. Eliana and Aurora make good companion names while remaining distinct enough from characters like Sienna or Ariel to stand out among liquid names like these.

People named Anais are typically quiet and peaceful individuals who crave peace in life. They’re caring towards loved ones and artistic at heart – enjoying various creative works such as music, singing, dancing, and writing to pass the time. Their diplomatic qualities allow them to represent teams well because of their understanding and accommodating personalities.

Un Peu Beaucoup

Un peu beaucoup is the French term for a little bit of something; this expression also allows one to say they indirectly love someone. Note, though, that saying tres beaucoup would mean too much!

Flower shops can also be fascinating because the number of petals on flowers tends to follow the Fibonacci sequence, so it may not be a coincidence when you come across one with 22 petals!

Are you shopping for an avid flower enthusiast in your life? Consider these gorgeous bouquets as gifts; they’re sure to delight.

Tom’s Flower Shop

Tom’s Flower Shop of West Islip, Long Island, is an esteemed florist. Offering beautiful bouquets and gift items for every special event and celebration imaginable – including plantable succulent aromas with personalized notes written directly on them – Tom’s offers delivery services and complete flower shop services to ensure customers always leave satisfied.

The song depicts its protagonist trying to win back their love from an ex with flowers, but nothing seems to work. While its lyrics clearly show their desperation, it’s hard to be sympathetic towards someone buying up all available roses so that they can try and repair things between themselves and an ex.

Ernest often joins Morgan Wallen on stage to perform their collaborations, such as ‘Flower Shops’ and ‘Cowgirls’ from Wallen’s chart-topping 2023 album One Thing at a Time. They co-wrote the hit ‘Rainbow’. Additionally, Ernest offers exotic house plants, palm trees, and gifts suitable for every event and celebration at his store – not only flowers!

The Flower Shop

ERNEST and Morgan Wallen collaborated on “Flower Shops,” an emotional song about love’s cycles and how small changes can have significant effects. Their voices sing of a man who repeatedly commits mistakes in his relationships before resorting to buying flowers as an attempt at repair – this song serves as an emotional reminder that love can be complicated and often takes time to heal broken hearts.

ERNEST (aka Ernest Smith) began his Nashville career as a country rapper before signing to Big Loud Records in 2019. Hailing from Tennessee, this Tennessee native wrote hits for Florida-Georgia Line and Chris Lane before co-writing Wallen’s Dangerous album and becoming a regular contributor. Smith took inspiration from George Jones when creating “Flower Shops.” After hearing Jones perform “A Good Year for the Roses,” Smith collaborated with co-writers Ben Burgess and Mark Holman to craft this track, released on December 31, 2021, as a single.

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