Dr Capital


Dr capital is an abbreviation for “doctor,” signifying that its writer holds a medical degree. To make reading easier, people often write this title with capital letters instead of lowercase letters.

DR Capital was established in 2018 and is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They provide investors with industry-leading analyst knowledge and comprehensive private company data.

What is DR Capital?

DR Capital is an investment group focused on multifamily residential real estate in West Michigan. Established in 2018, its headquarters is in Grand Rapids. Investors gain access to unparalleled analyst expertise, comprehensive private company data, and an innovative platform.

Jon Patterson, better known by his moniker “Dr. Capital,” is an award-winning composer, songwriter, guitarist/vocalist performer, and music educator based out of Los Angeles and Berkeley, respectively. His credentials include both an MFA from USC Thornton School of Music as well as an MA in Ethnomusicology from UC Berkeley.

He is also a prevalent YouTube personality with over 5.3 million views and 86,000+ subscribers, offering cover versions of J-Pop hits and detailed musical analysis in fluent Kansai-dialect Japanese. Additionally, he has performed live at concert halls and festivals throughout both America and Japan, such as Fuji Rock Festival and Good Day L.A.

Why Choose DR Capital?

DR Capital, established in 2018 and located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, specializes in the acquisition, management, and marketing of high-quality multifamily properties throughout West Michigan.

DR Capital is an accomplished composer, recording artist, performing guitarist/vocalist, and music educator. His YouTube channel showcases cover versions of J-Pop hits and musical analysis in Kansai dialect Japanese. DR Capital has performed across the US, Japan, and China.

DR Capital’s Investment Strategy

DR Capital seeks investment opportunities in the middle market where its combination of venture capital operating methodology and private equity financial discipline can empower companies to become industry leaders. While traditional private equity firms tend to achieve investment returns through financial engineering and extracting near-term cash flow, Bertram Capital invests in growth and expansion strategies to establish long-term leadership positions of portfolio companies.

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Mr. Eguche has not only contributed his talents in private equity but has also performed internationally as a singer/songwriter/musician with notable appearances at Fuji Rock Festival, Good Day LA, and on JOLU 76.1 FM Fukui radio stations – as well as hosting his weekly radio show Iza Eigo from 2006-2011. Access unparalleled analyst expertise in tech, deep company data & a platform that connects it all.

DR Capital’s Portfolio

DR Capital’s portfolio consists of both private and public companies that are developing lifesaving or life changing technologies. Healthcare advances take time, so patient capital is vital for these companies to flourish. DR Capital was named in honor of Coco, our Rhodesian Ridgeback who was rescued from an animal shelter but survived despite her difficult start-up life – just like us, we believe in investing in people and companies that improve our world!

Drive Capital has made 18 investments across seed-stage, early-stage, and later-stage companies since 2011. Their most recent funding took place in 2021 at their office located in Denton, TX.

DR Capital’s founder is also an award-winning composer, recording artist, and performing guitarist/vocalist known for his YouTube channel of J-Pop cover songs with musical analysis written in fluent Kansai-dialect Japanese. He has performed at major venues throughout the U.S. and Brazil and TV shows such as Good Day L.A. and Fuji Rock Festival. Access detailed data for over 3M companies with PitchBook: gain unmatched analyst expertise combined with rich private company records – all from one convenient platform!