Devil Returns To School Days


Devil Returns To School Days is an engaging manga that explores the long-term psychological damage caused by bullying. The manga’s depiction of revenge and justice resonates with readers, creating a devoted fanbase over time.

The story opens tragically; our protagonist is nearly killed after being pushed from a rooftop and is saved only through divine intervention; returning to school, he vows revenge upon those responsible.


Devil Returns To School Days is a gripping action manga series that has gripped readers worldwide. With its intricate plot and captivating characters, fans are drawn into this riveting narrative. Chapter 29 promises to be another thrilling chapter in this stunning series and may introduce readers to brand-new characters and unexpected twists!

Devil Return to School Days is an epic manga that follows a high school student possessed by the devil, unleashing him with destructive powers that cause havoc among his classmates and vowing revenge against those who hurt him. It explores bullying’s devastating repercussions and discusses forgiveness as an effective tool in moving on from tragedy.

As this series unfolds, readers will become transfixed by its intriguing characters and plot. The plot’s success at setting up problem-solving and personal growth makes these relatable characters even more so; plus, the author’s skillful writing and mesmerizing artwork will keep readers hooked throughout its thrilling narrative!

You will be featured in the next episode of this series as an unpredictable and violent character with an immense desire for revenge against those responsible for the deaths of his parents. His fury gives him the power to kill their enemies – yet he must remain within reasonable boundaries so as not to cross over into murderous behavior.

Readers eagerly anticipate the next chapter of Devil Returns To School Days, which is expected to offer shocking spoilers and release soon. In addition to revealing an exciting new character, it may feature more action-packed sequences or fascinating underworld offers – making this manga series one you won’t want to miss!


Devil Returns To School Days is an award-winning manga that has gripped readers’ imaginations for years. With an engaging storyline and captivating characters that keep readers hooked until the very last page is turned, its blood-soaked hallways, biting commentary on bullying, and interesting revenge plot ensure you will stay riveted to every page until it closes.

This series follows Seonwoo Lee, an otherwise peaceful boy who viciously bullies torment. As violence escalates, Seonwoo allies with a devilish figure and gains terrifying new abilities that allow him to strike back at those responsible. Soon thereafter, he starts wreaking havoc as part of his quest for vengeance, uncovering deep conspiracies which allow bullying to remain hidden from public view.

As the tale progresses, it becomes evident that the writer possesses a talent for characterization and storytelling. They capture the inner conflicts of their main characters to develop the plot. Furthermore, their fast pace draws in readers while thrilling action scenes keep audiences on edge throughout. The unexpected plot twists keeps audiences intrigued until its conclusion.

Chapter 17 of the manga provides a deeper look into each character’s emotional journey, exploring relationships among significant players while revealing the anxieties and insecurities of both. Furthermore, this chapter emphasizes morality as its characters highly value an essential aspect of battle and fair fights.

The next chapter of the manga promises to be action-packed. Following the dramatic cliffhanger ending of chapter 13, Hyunsung and Go Changbeom are expected to clash in an intense showdown while Hyunsung may receive an offer from the underworld, which could result in high-stakes battles between them.

Chapter 32 promises to be an action-packed episode that further explores the complexities of our main character’s past. He continues to battle his bullies as he uncovers their plans and turns them against them – his impressive foresight and quick insight make him a formidable foe.


Devil Returns To School Days’ artwork is one of the main draws for readers, captivating them from page one and keeping them reading until the very last page. Each character in Devil Returns To School Days is highly detailed, depicting their emotions with depth and nuance. Meanwhile, its story explores themes of sacrifice and redemption with exciting, action-packed scenes and exciting plot twists, keeping readers riveted throughout!

Crareat first garnered widespread acclaim with his series when he posted chapters to a blog in 2017. Since then, its gorgeous art and cathartic bullying revenge narrative have quickly made the series a favorite among readers. Plus, its manga format offers humor as well as references to popular anime and manga titles — making for plenty of Easter egg opportunities throughout its chapters!

Devil Returns To School Days offers an engaging plot, as well as captivating characters like Seonwoo. His story shows the impactful trauma caused by bullying as well as its perpetuation through schools and police departments – two institutions that may contribute to such abuse cycles.

Another captivating character is Taejoon, an intriguing young assassin working for the underworld. He is complex yet intriguing, with an enigmatic personality, keeping readers guessing as to his motives and true intentions. Chapter 22 marks a fascinating romantic turn between him and Anna, which will be interesting to observe over time.

The story’s ending is both surprising and satisfying; it wraps up any loose ends from earlier episodes while also unveiling some unexpected character development surprises – those who thought they had seen everything will likely be shocked at what happens at the climax, leaving readers plenty to consider long after finishing reading manga.

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Devil Returns To School Days is an engaging tale full of action and suspense that’s sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. The manga features stunning artwork that captures character emotions while conveying the intensity of actions taken. Plus, there are plot twists galore!

Hyunsung asserted his dominance over his MC in the previous chapter, leading to a confrontation with an unexpected rival. His strength earned him respect among his peers and an alliance with the school principal, who is willing to bend the rules for him; however, Hyunsung may now face challenges from an unexpected source – possibly from another transfer student who may pose an existential threat to his position as leader of their group.

The next episode should introduce readers to several new characters, including Kim’s mysterious teacher, who may or may not have ties to the Golden Circle and could make things difficult for Hyunsung when trying to reach his sister Hyunsung for answers. Furthermore, one of Kim’s bullies hinted that perhaps there might be teacher involvement in any conspiracy plotting going on around her.

Chapter 32 promises another intriguing development in the narrative: Taejoon will meet a fascinating female teacher. Her presence will put his skills as an assassin to the test, forcing him to make difficult choices that will test both him and his allies alike. Witnessing how Taejoon maneuvers this tricky situation should provide enjoyable viewing.

While Siwon’s manga begins slowly, once its main characters take center stage, it quickly picks up speed and becomes captivating reading for those who enjoy suspenseful tales of revenge. No doubt this book has achieved widespread acclaim – and it is easy to see why.

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