Decorative Objects


Decorative objects are items that are used to adorn a room. They include items such as coasters, bookends, figurines, and sculptures. Decorative objects are linked to specific holidays or times of the year and are meant to decorate a room accordingly. Nativity scenes and saplings are typical examples of Christmas ornaments. These objects become the protagonists in domestic scenes and are often used to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.


Bookends are decorative objects that are a practical way to display books. The bookends are available in various materials, including wood and cardstock. They make great gift items for friends and families, as well as for school opening ceremonies and other holidays. The decorative bookends are also easy to clean and maintain.

They can be made to be heavier or lighter by adding additional weights. Metal bookends are a good choice since they will not rust.


Coasters are decorative objects holding a glass of water or other liquid. Their use in the kitchen and dining area is also highly functional and attractive. Coasters are often made of marble, which makes them both practical and playful. Using them as trivets is a great way to add some variety to your kitchen.


The study of figurines in Cyprus has concentrated mainly on the 7th to 6th century BC Cypriot art. However, recent studies have shifted their focus to the figurines of the region’s neighboring countries, including Greece, Egypt, and the Levant. Unfortunately, this leaves the Naukratis figures out of recent research.


Sculptures can be a striking way to add visual intrigue to your room. They can be as simple as a small statue on a table or as extravagant as a sculpture with three-dimensional features. Whatever you choose, sculptures capture the spirit of your home and your style. They add texture and interest to flat space and are perfect for capturing your home’s essence.

Sculptures made from metal or wood are versatile and can be displayed on a wall shelf, home office desk, or accent table. Iron is an excellent choice for a rustic home, and it can develop a beautiful green-brown patina with time. You can also pair a metal sculpture with metal wall art. Wooden pieces look great as decorative objects and are organic in appearance. Wooden pieces also have a unique grainy finish that lends a sense of character to the piece.

Animalia collection

The Animalia decorative objects collection is a collection of decorative objects that takes playful ideas and gives them an artistic twist. These playful ideas are abstracted, giving them a more refined, sophisticated look. These objects will make an excellent addition to any room. The range includes a variety of sculptures, wall hangings, and decorative objects.

Shaman sticks

Shaman sticks are popular decorative objects, and you can use them to create a healing atmosphere in your home. These decorative objects can also be used as a tool to communicate with spirits. The best materials for making shaman sticks are renewable natural resources such as feathers, bones, and cotton.

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