Crossroads Learning Center


Crossroads students enjoy an engaging learning environment in a safe, nurturing setting that fosters intellectual, social, and emotional growth.

District officials are expanding the school to give ninth-graders a place to receive education services and accept suspended students. Duraway Builders used Berridge Manufacturing Co’s HS-12 panels with Cityscape acrylic coating on the facade and Tubelite Inc.’s transparent anodized aluminum sunscreens from Tubelite Inc. for this project.

Our Mission

Crossroads Learning Center serves students referred by their school districts for academic and behavioral support, providing academically rigorous education within an engaging, creative, collaborative, community-centric environment. Graduates will become scholars with cultural literacy who pursue their dreams relentlessly while positively impacting their families, communities, and the wider world.

At our school, students receive personalized education responsive to student goals and needs, allowing them to discover their genius. Furthermore, there is an empowering support system, including safe physical spaces for learning, mentoring programs, individual curriculum development, success coaching services, family counseling, and campus discipleship services that facilitate this experience.

Students entering Crossroads will be welcomed with a trellis wall of class plants – inspired by research demonstrating that people who interact with people from diverse backgrounds tend to be more compassionate and kind. Furthermore, this welcome wall symbolizes Crossroads’ collaboration, innovation, and education aims.

Students enrolled in Crossroads’ Private Academic Program will be able to return home once they demonstrate they are ready by attending for a specific number of days at Crossroads while meeting high expectations regarding behavior and academic achievement. Of course, this transfer must first receive approval from their home school district.

Our Vision

Students leave Crossroads ready to collaborate, innovate, and educate with the courage and confidence necessary to pursue their dreams. They will become scholars who value cultural literacy while working hard to create positive changes for themselves, their families, communities, and humanity.

Crossroads’ Private Academic Program provides a structured and therapeutic environment where every student will have an equal opportunity to demonstrate that they are ready to reenter their home school by meeting high expectations regarding regular attendance, behavior, and academic achievement. After 45 school days in our program, they may return if their home districts agree they are ready.

The facility’s design encourages residents to engage with class activities by growing plants alongside students in vegetable garden planters or engaging with an indoor/outdoor learning stair. Exterior picnic tables and parking are reserved for food trucks participating in a subsidized program to feed students lunch daily.

DonorsChoose is a teacher-run nonprofit trusted by classrooms nationwide and donors. When you contribute, your money will help the teacher provide their students with resources for success and meet state requirements for funding classroom supplies.

Our Values

At Our School, our educational philosophy promotes a dedication to academic excellence, passion for the arts, respect for independent thinking, and an eagerness to discover more about the world. We welcome students of diverse socioeconomic and racial backgrounds as our student population; furthermore, we work toward nurturing their physical well-being and full human potential.

ACS works closely with Bay-Waveland School District to support students who require additional behavioral and academic support. Once these students demonstrate readiness, they are enrolled in our Private Academic Program before returning home to school.

Integration of students with and without special education needs is an exemplary practice that offers children an invaluable opportunity to form friendships with people from diverse backgrounds, helping them foster tolerance and empathy towards one another.

Schools serving low-income and minority students typically receive less state and local funding than districts serving predominantly white students. Learn about why this gap exists and how you can help close it by exploring DonorsChoose; they have created a fantastic platform that empowers people to contribute directly to classroom projects by making DonorsChoose available online.

Our Culture

Crossroads Learning Center prides itself on creating a warm and caring environment that fosters each child’s growth. We believe children learn best through hands-on exploration, so our combination of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities provides each child with a safe space to pursue their interests while building social skills and self-confidence.

At Crossroads, one of our primary themes is exploring the relationship between religion and culture. To do so, we explore religious writings as well as host cultural events such as panel discussions, debates, lectures, seminars, artistic performances, presentations, and interviews that address this subject matter. These events fall under four broad categories: Human Affairs, Memory and Identity, Face to Face With… and Beauty Will Save the World.

Our philosophy at our school is academically traditional yet highly experiential. By blending hard work, scholarship, and excitement with humor, it creates discovery, imagination, and joy in learning; also acknowledging that ideas, concepts, and knowledge are enhanced through theories from other fields.

At Crossroads Learning Center, we embrace a team-based approach to education. Parents, students, teachers, school administration, and the community all play a vital role in creating successful student outcomes. This can be seen through how we use proven methods like Project Learning and Social-Emotional Learning to augment instruction, promote student inquiry, and build critical thinking skills. Furthermore, our behavior incentive program keeps students on their goals while our behavior tracking service gives families valuable information on their child’s development.

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