Creative World Learning Center


Enrolling your child in daycare can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming, so you must conduct extensive research before making a decision. Take the time to look into every facet of a potential center before making your choice.

Creative World Learning Center is an outstanding option for families with young children, offering a unique curriculum and boasting exceptional reviews from parents.

Performing Arts

Performing arts activities enables students to expand their creative expression through singing, acting, and dancing. Furthermore, children learn about the history and cultures behind performing arts – by participating in group performances that showcase their work to the community; individual projects or enrichment experiences allow students to follow their passions more directly.

Creative World provides an educational experience designed to spark lifelong curiosity about learning in children of all ages. Spacious classrooms encourage exploration and play; each school also features its own Exploratorium as the focal point where educational themes change daily for added excitement for our pupils.

Each classroom is divided into small groups according to age and developmental skills for an individualized teaching experience. Our teachers employ a research-based curriculum that fosters essential foundational skills while giving each child space for self-discovery within a supportive classroom community.

The Singhs are thrilled to bring Creative World’s high-quality programs and innovative approaches to the Starkey Ranch community in Tampa. Their state-of-the-art early education facility boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure. Creative World programs help children prepare for success both academically and personally.

Arts & Crafts

Creative World Learning Centers provide children with a welcoming learning environment where educational exploration is engaging and entertaining. Equipped with cutting-edge teaching technology, these centers aim to facilitate authentic learning experiences for all their students. Their curriculum is specifically designed to engage and captivate children through interactive activities that meet national standards while taking an interdisciplinary approach that prioritizes social interaction over academic achievement.

Arts and crafts provide children with an excellent way to explore their creativity. Engaging them in art projects arts and crafts fosters imagination development while encouraging experimentation without fear of failure, which helps build confidence and self-regulation skills and provides them with time with parents to create lasting memories together.

Creative World School has been an early childhood education franchise brand since 1970, serving children and families. They aim to provide loving, safe, and nurturing environments for children of all ages – infants through kindergarteners – with programs tailored specifically to infants, toddlers, twos, pre-k, before/after school care services, and summer camps. Their unique teaching methods focus on developing essential foundational skills while at the same time nurturing relationships between educators and children, building community spirit among all involved.

Music & Movement

Music stimulates all areas of children’s learning, including intellectual, social-emotional, and motor development. Music fosters children’s imaginations while teaching them creative expression through painting, drama performances, 3-dimensional construction projects, or musical movement activities. Integrate arts activities into daily routines for maximum creativity – from painting and drama performances to 3-D construction and musical movement!

Children learn to dance to music, play instruments, chant and sing to develop rhythm and melody while exploring their favorite songs. Music and movement help foster Te Whariki’s Communication strand as children discover different methods for communicating their feelings and ideas.

Implementing musical tools, such as a listening center with themed headphones, a CD player, a karaoke machine, or an audio station, will enable children to engage in musical and dance activities easily. Music can also help reinforce classroom activities like transition times and clean-up time; bilingual materials will make children feel at ease, while various musical instruments worldwide will foster cultural understanding.

Musicalizing gross motor activities such as Simon Says can keep children engaged while working on their actions and fine and gross motor skills. Musical chairs are another enjoyable way to get them moving!

Creative Writing

Students gain practical, theoretical, and historical knowledge of writing nonfiction prose, fiction prose, poetry,, and digital storytelling – including new forms such as digital storytelling – emphasizing prose writing for non-fiction projects such as non-fiction interdisciplinary projects or personal enrichment.

Creative writing encompasses anything beyond rules-based academic or technical writing, such as journalism. This can include literature, poetry, film, or any form that expands narrative traditions while challenging audiences through character and narrative development. Creative writing requires a strong imagination and willingness to take risks while pushing language in new and exciting directions.

No matter your goal – be it publishing poems and short stories working in higher education, marketing, law, business, or any other professional field, creative writing studies will develop skills such as critical thinking, communication, content creation, and confidence. A creative writing degree could open doors to communication specialists or teachers who could become highly sought after in many career fields.

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