Community Concepts Bethel Learning Center


Community Concepts plans on opening its new facility near Gilead on Route 2, comprising three classrooms for children from birth through age 5. They plan to expand this program and apply for additional funding to grow it further.

Maintaining positive school discipline requires collaboration among all parties involved – students, schools, communities, and families. Family engagement plays a pivotal role.

Healthy Diet

At our Christian school, we encourage our students to lead physically and spiritually healthy lives. As part of their tuition fee, our program includes providing children with a nutritious diet consisting of meals and snacks from all food groups as part of the tuition cost. A good diet can help children maintain a healthy weight, avoid specific health problems, stabilize moods, sharpen minds, and aid concentration during classes and learning more effectively. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks can all be found in our cafeteria!

Community health classes also help our participants develop skills to live a healthier life.

Positive Discipline

At our schools, we use the Positive Discipline philosophy. This approach emphasizes teaching students respect, responsibility, problem-solving skills, and how to get along with others while building healthy self-esteem. The ultimate aim is to reduce discipline problems while creating a safe learning environment.

Maintaining a positive school culture requires the active involvement of all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, and students. With students spending only 9% of their time in school environments alone, family life and the community are essential in shaping self-disciplined young adults.

Bethel Christian Learning Center / Academy offers rigorous academic standards and engaging enrichment courses to motivate our students, helping them score above grade level on standardized tests. Furthermore, our student-to-teacher ratios are kept low, while classrooms feature state-of-the-art technology.

Bethel Family Center is managed by Bethel Community Services, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. A collaborative of school personnel, community citizens, and clergy members collaborate to offer daily services for at-risk youth and their families, including assistance with applying for Basic Food, Medicaid, and other benefits through DSHS, as well as emergency hygiene products and school supplies.

Learning Through Play

Learning through play is a core principle of our education program and provides children with an invaluable way to develop intellectual, social, emotional, and physical skills. They are free to choose their activities each day and discover what best meets their learning styles – giving students independence, encouraging a passion for learning, and building creativity and problem-solving capabilities.

Bethel Learning Center Academy students receive a rigorous curriculum designed to equip them to score above grade level on standardized tests. Students engage with fun yet educational thematic units covering math, science, art, and language skills – in addition to access to enrichment programs like Stretch-N-Grow dance for ages 2-3 or Soccer Academy training for ages 3.5-5.

Our school is committed to maintaining a positive, disciplined environment. We recognize that student behavior falls under the responsibility of all in the community; not just teachers and staff alone can ensure students stay motivated, engaged, and safe at school. Home and family environments also play an integral part in student’s success at school, so our team works to maintain an open line of communication with parents on how their day has gone. Using the ProCare app, we regularly update them on progress throughout their day – all part of providing parents a true partnership in their children’s education!

Anti-Bullying Policy

Our staff takes bullying very seriously and has developed a policy to assist anyone who believes they have been discriminated against, harassed, or bullied in violation of our school board’s anti-bullying policy. If you think there may have been any violations against this policy on your part, please reach out immediately by contacting the school directly.

Our classrooms are designed to foster an ideal learning environment. Students may not bring cell phones, toys, or any electronic device that may cause distraction or disrupt the class environment to school; any such items will be confiscated upon discovery in class.

Parents are invited to meet with a counselor if any concerns about their student’s success in school are impacting his/her attendance or performance in class. Please call our counseling office immediately if this situation persists and arrange an appointment at once.

Bullying occurs when another student or group of students deliberately acts against another, often repeatedly and intentionally; such behavi include;

Direct/physical: hits, kicks, shoves, spitting, property destruction, and threats to hurt or kill someone are all natural/physical aggression. Furthermore, ridiculing someone, calling names, or insulting them are forms of harassment, as are spreading rumors or intentionally excluding someone from activities to make them dislike someone or someone else.

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