Carlotear Clothing Reviews


If you are looking for some Carlotear Clothing reviews, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some good news and bad news for you. Most of the reviews are positive, but we’ve also found some issues with the brand. These issues include off-scale sizing, poor quality, and outrageous prices.

Sizing is off the scale

When purchasing clothing online, you might notice that the sizing is slightly off-scale. Historically, sizing has evolved many times. Today, a size eight dress may be equivalent to a size 16 dress from 1958. However, you should remember that size charts are only a guide. The actual measurements of your body are more important.

Quality is poor

Despite its popularity, the quality of Carlotear clothing has been questioned by critics. The fashion brand produces millions of pairs of jeans each year and has been accused of sacrificing quality for speed. Some of its clothing lasts no longer than a season. The company explains this by saying it outsources much of its production to countries with low wages.

While the company is well organized, quality control is often an issue with small brands. For example, a well-organized clothing chain produced a cashmere sweater, but complaints quickly poured in. The whole chain had to be inspected. The problem was due to the way cashmere threads were spun. They were not moistened enough before spinning, and the lubricating oil used was inappropriate for the protein-rich fiber.

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