Callie Marunde-Best


Callie Marunde-Best was once an accomplished bodybuilder and women’s physique competitor, participating in the Natural Bodybuilding Championships and Emerald Cup competitions. Additionally, she was a personal trainer and volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of Sequim.

She is married to Nick Best, who holds world powerlifting championships and professional strongman competition experience. In 1996 and 1997, he won both USAPL National Powerlifting Championships titles.

Nick Best

Nick Best is a world-champion powerlifter and Strongman competitor from Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 2004, he has competed professionally as a strongman. Over that time, he has won several competitions, such as the All-American Strongman Challenge. In addition, he holds world records in several weight categories (125 kg 75 meters Farmer Walk category with 47.3 seconds completion), was USAPL National Powerlifting Champion twice, and earned himself the nickname of “the Grandfather of Strongman.”

Callie is Nick’s wife, and they share a passion for fitness. For over a decade now, they have provided motivation and inspiration for each other, especially after he attempted a world record deadlift on April 24, 2021, injured with a lat tear requiring surgical reconstruction requiring Callie’s support to recover quickly.

Dylan and Jessica are their children, which they share. The two are often featured in media outlets as they work out at local gyms or in their backyard, sharing pictures of themselves working out on social media.

Nick Best may be an accomplished athlete, but his life has been full of drama. He was previously married to Jesse Marunde, a strength competitor who competed in the 2009 World’s Strongest Man competition but died during an exercise session. Now in their fifth year together, Callie Marunde-Best provides constant support and motivation to her husband while inspiring young women everywhere to live healthy lifestyles and maintain positive attitudes – she hopes to encourage women everywhere to follow their dreams no matter what.

Jesse Marunde

Jesse Marunde was a nationally-ranked Strongman competitor and father to two. Known for his powerful physique and a second-place finish in the 2005 World’s Strongest Man competition, his death sent shockwaves through the Sequim community; friends remember him fondly as being like Hercules: extensive, solid but always sporting a smile that lit up his whole being and having an ocean-wide heart.

Born and raised in Glennallen, Alaska, he began commercial fishing at eight. This hard work and long hours created early grip strength. As one of his friends said: “He was always around when needed”!

Jesse was not only successful professionally but was also a loving husband and dedicated father. With his wife Callie, he owned Marunde Muscle in Blyn and was passionate about encouraging clients to live healthy lifestyles through Marunde Muscle’s personal training services.

After Jesse passed, Callie continued her career alongside their daughter Jessica Joy, who resumed training and became an inspiration to many of her followers.

Callie has given birth to a beautiful daughter and works tirelessly to provide her with the best life possible. She and her daughter have become sources of motivation to others – encouraging people to pursue their goals. Furthermore, Callie has received much acclaim for her bodybuilding skills from fans and has received praise from them as they marvel at her dedication.

Callie Marunde-Best Age

Callie Marunde-Best has been competing and training strongman competitions for more than a decade, both as the wife of Nick Best and as an inspiration to many people. An avid fitness enthusiast, Callie regularly posts workout routines on her Instagram account, participates in strength competitions and owns her gym in Sequim, Washington.

She has won multiple competitions and set a world record in hip lift. Unfortunately, in April 2021, she suffered an unfortunate setback when she tore her lats while trying to deadlift more than 800 pounds, forcing her to miss some events this year – but she is determined to return soon to competitions.

Marunde-Best was born and raised in Las Vegas and began competing in strength training events in the 1990s. She made an impactful statement as a high school athlete by playing both football and wrestling – winning her team both league championships – while also competing at powerlifting tournaments at the state level. Following graduation from college, she continued training for strongman events, becoming a mother to Dylan and Jessica.

Nick Best, aged 53 years old, and Callie Marunde-Best are in an age difference relationship of 10 years and 40 years, respectively; yet this seems unfazed; they seem pretty happy together despite this difference. Together for over ten years now and living an inseparable existence together. Both share passions for wellness while supporting each other professionally as a couple; both provide immense motivation for many individuals as they show an example of healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Callie Marunde-Best Height

Callie Marunde-Best stands 5 feet 11 inches and exudes mesmerizing beauty. Her captivating eyes, slim body, wide smile, and long locks create a beautiful appearance that leaves people stunned in her presence. A fantastic competitor and winner of various awards in fitness competitions, Callie is well known in the fitness field as she is an inspirational figure and source of guidance to many others. She has reached this level through hard work and commitment to her profession.

She boasts an imposing physique, competing regularly in strength competitions. Additionally, she runs her gym and is active on social media – sharing workouts and training techniques with followers. Furthermore, she greatly supports her husband, Nick, by posting birthday wishes.

Nick Best is an American strongman competitor with incredible success throughout his career. A talented athlete, he boasts an immense following on Instagram. He and his wife Callie have also welcomed two children: son Dylan and daughter Jessica.

Callie and Nick have been married for over ten years and seem to have no issues despite an age difference of 54. Callie currently stands at 40, while Nick stands at 54.

Callie Marunde was previously married to American strongman Jesse Marunde. They met during a strongman competition in Ohio in 2002, where Callie was from, and after marriage, they set up Marunde Muscle’s training office together. Through their marriage, they developed many core values together. When Nick tore his lat during deadlift training on 24 April 2021, Callie was his source of motivation to speed up his healing.

Callie Marunde-Best Weight

Nick Best is one of the world’s best-known strongmen. He competes in several strength competitions worldwide and enjoys an enormous fan base. His training and work routine have contributed significantly to his success today; Callie Best competes in fitness contests alongside her husband throughout their journey.

Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer based out of Sequim, Washington. She earned an exercise science degree from Ohio University and has participated in multiple fitness competitions as a personal trainer and fitness coach, most notably hosting the Sequim Water system Celebration Strongman challenge and amassing thousands of followers on Instagram, sharing workout videos regularly.

Callie is the mother of Dylan and Jessica. She has always supported her husband’s career and participated in amateur World’s Strongest Man competitions; additionally, she competed at the Arnold Classic Women’s Division competition and placed second overall – championing strength sports while advocating healthy nutrition practices.

Nick and Callie first met during a strongman competition in November 2008. What started as friendship soon became more profound as time progressed, eventually turning into love! In March 2010, they got hitched, beginning their marital journey, though Callie was previously married to Jesse Marunde before marrying Nick.

She continues to carry on his legacy by organizing events and informing people about fitness and nutrition benefits. Additionally, she has worked to improve competition quality, ensuring it is an enjoyable experience for all and that competitors are correctly cared for.

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