Bright Star Learning Academy


Bright Star Learning Academy provides high-quality child development and preschool education in an inviting and safe environment, featuring premium facilities and exceptional teachers that set it apart from other daycare centers.

Song expressed her hope to bring the same high quality and great value offered in Astoria to Long Island City.

Our Teachers

At CCS, our highly educated and experienced teachers are committed to providing quality education for the children we serve. Each teacher considers and recognizes each child’s needs and developmental rate in planning activities that foster learning while helping our clients become independent individuals.

Each teacher attends workshops and continuing education classes to stay abreast of teaching methods and practices, regularly meeting with the Director to review curriculum needs and arrange special events or parties in classrooms within the program.

Teachers provide open-ended, rich experiences, allowing the children to learn through trial and error and persistence. Furthermore, they encourage children to create their ideas and foster an enthusiasm for learning. In small, large, and individual groups, children participate in various learning experiences such as art, music, movement, literature, math, science, and hands-on learning activities.

Our teachers are dedicated to children and the learning process, and we enjoy what they do! They spend long days ensuring your children are safe and well taken care of, communicating with parents via our “Brightwheel App” to provide real-time updates about their day.

Our Environment

At our school, we believe children flourish best in an atmosphere of warmth, love, and nurturing, so we work tirelessly to provide our students and families with top-quality teachers, facilities, and resources.

Our classrooms are neat and organized to promote a positive learning environment. Our teaching methods employ various teaching strategies such as whole-body learning activities, small group instruction, hands-on experiences, and hands-on experiences. Furthermore, we provide an assortment of toys, manipulatives, and educational games designed to keep children engaged.

Quality education is at the core of our program, and we take great pride in having an experienced, qualified, dedicated, and compassionate teaching staff. All teachers have been background checked, fingerprinted, and receive ongoing professional development opportunities.

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Our Music & Movement Program

At Bright Star Learning Academy, children are introduced to music and movement through various experiences designed to foster physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual development. Music helps them express themselves freely while sparking an ongoing enthusiasm for learning that will last a lifetime.

Our teachers share a deep passion for teaching and work closely with each child to nurture and enhance their unique capabilities in a safe, nurturing environment. Their mission is to ensure your experience at our school will remain memorable throughout their lives – our staff has over two decades of combined teaching/management experience working with children from birth through elementary school age.

Teachers at this school are excellent; all staff have tenure, which is remarkable in this industry. Classrooms are set up with child-level furniture & eco-friendly features like touchless sinks & air dryers; I highly recommend this school to any family! My son adores going there, and knowing he is safe with such outstanding individuals gives us peace of mind – they truly become like family!

Our Character & Value-Based Education

Bright Star Learning Academy recognizes that children learn through listening to teachers and observing, as well as experiences and interactions between themselves and each other. Through our curriculum, we give children access to rich experiences designed to expand their imagination and curiosity, while our open-ended lessons give them opportunities for trial-and-error, persistence, and critical thinking to form ideas into lifelong loves of learning. With art, music, literature, math, and hands-on learning experiences, we provide our students with enriching intellectual, spiritual, and emotional development.

Bright Star schools provide fitness classes during their last hour of instruction each school day that include kickboxing workouts, boot camps for muscle strengthening, and two types of yoga as part of a one-year initiative they are testing at 140 schools throughout central, southern and San Fernando Valley Los Angeles areas – funded through grants from an LA nonprofit that supports school improvement initiatives.

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