Brands de Lentes de Sol


MyKITA sun lenses stand out for their luxurious style on the market, creating glasses specifically tailored towards high-class individuals.

They offer photochromic lenses in designs and colors that can be personalized to the wearer’s taste, with multiple lens sizes such as square, redone, and rectangular lenses available for selection.


Oakley Sun Lenses is an iconic American company that began as a solely 300-dollar enterprise, eventually growing into one of the best-known manufacturers in their sector. From matrix cards to sunglasses, Oakley manufactures all manner of lenses ranging from gafas of sun. Some models from Oakley have become beloved choices among professional cyclists as well as fans of their brand.

Oakley Lenses provide optimal protection in any sports activity and offer protection from weather-induced UV radiation. Their lenses are an ideal choice for people sensitive to light but can also be utilized during other physical activities, like swimming and cycling.

Oakley offers an impressive variety of lenses in any tone or finishes imaginable, all featuring polarized lenses to provide quality viewing experiences and help identify elements in darkness, making the user much more noticeable in rainy environments.

Holbrook is an eyewear design that blends contemporary technology to meet all your adventures. Inspired by movie heroes and adventure, its design symbolizes exploration and discovery. Oakley offers many great hidden lens models so that you can find one perfect for yourself!

Oakley is an iconic California brand with over three decades of success behind them, and their innovative lenses can be found at affordable prices in our shop. Oakley lenses have long been considered revolutionary; we provide you with all available lines.

Oakley’s work can be seen through their innovative technologies that have allowed them to become one of the premier cycling brands worldwide. Finding Oakley sunglasses at our online shop gives you an incredible opportunity for experimentation and enjoyment while getting an excellent price; their range of Oakley lenses covers every brand imaginable, so visit now to explore all your options!


Ray-Ban is one of the premier manufacturers of eyewear in the industry, boasting a 30-year legacy and an acclaimed reputation. Their expansive range of gafas includes options suitable for men, women, children, and adolescents alike, making this brand one of the best long-term quality and durability options available today.

Ray-Ban offers you UV-protected and polarized lenses designed to safeguard your eyes adequately, with foldable anti-glare lenses in all of the appropriate colors available for purchase. Their high-speed quality offers no equal to other brands.

Ray-Ban is one of the world’s premier providers of solar lenses, having initially designed its products for use by United States military pilots in 1937 and been widely utilized worldwide ever since. Ray Ban’s Aviator and Wayfarer models became cultural symbols during their 50-year run as consumers took notice.

Sun lens brands all include sunglasses to provide UVB ray protection. Some also feature polarized or bendable lenses as part of their offerings to provide extra eye protection during summer heatwaves.

Ray-Ban is dedicated to global innovation and research with its solar lens brand, providing quality sun-polarized lenses that aid everyone around the world in protecting their eyes correctly. Their company enjoys an outstanding reputation among eye care professionals alike; quality sunglasses by Ray Ban are helping people all over the globe stay safe.

Optica Optima has an extensive range of affordable Ray-Ban sun lenses. Their prices may range anywhere from hundreds to several thousands of dollars; occasionally, even cheaper imitations exist. However, we offer an entire selection of cheap Ray-Ban lenses.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford sunglasses for both men and women have become globally recognized for the innovative designs produced by its designers in this area of fashion. Celebrities worldwide have used Tom Ford lenses, and now we offer an expansive and attractive selection of Tom Ford lenses in our catalog.

Tom Ford sun lenses are handcrafted exclusively with superior materials to ensure unsurpassed durability and security. In addition, these sun lenses offer 100% solar protection with arms tailored perfectly for your face – giving them unrivaled longevity and safety. Now you can choose among popular models such as the Tom Ford Pilot FT0144, Holt FT0516/S Karina 02, or Involved Cat FT0583/S models!

Prada currently occupies an essential position in the sunglass market. This Italian company has pioneered the use of inoxidizable steel arms and other pleasingly resistant materials in their production. While their eyewear might not match up to those created for Cary Grant or Gregory Peck, Prada continues to draw inspiration from movie stars such as Angelina Jolie and Sandra Bullock, who provide regular input into its designs.

Tom Ford was an influential fashion designer before founding his firm. His professional experience included working for fashion houses such as Yves Saint Laurent and Chloe, film production, directing multiple movies, as well as working in film running roles. Tom’s goal with his business venture is to create luxurious yet elegant sun lenses.

Now available at Mister Spex is the entire Tom Ford sunglass range. More people will find these stylish sun lenses from 2006’s Tom Ford brand pleasingly comfortable. Tom Ford boasts a unique creative and professional experience; furthermore, his sunglasses brand offers something genuinely distinctive.


An ideal pair of sun lenses can elevate any look. While there are various designs of lenses available on the market today, MYKITA provides handcrafted lenses designed and developed in-house using revolutionary technologies that truly set them apart from competitors. If unsure which type to select for yourself or require assistance making their decision, an acquaintance, family member, or stylist could help in making the appropriate selections.

Prada sun lenses exude elegance and sophistication, making them a timeless fashion staple. Perfect for any kind of fashion style imaginable, such as professional eye care providers and social event coordinators; top-rated among eye professionals and social event assistants. Their options include butterfly armbands, cat-eye lenses, and oval frames; all Prada lenses aim for high-quality use without difficulty.

Oakley debuted their inaugural sunglasses for sunwear in 1984 and quickly rose to become one of the world’s most admired lens manufacturers. Utilizing quality materials and state-of-the-art lenses, their sunglasses offer protection from harmful UV rays while remaining comfortable enough to wear all day. Furthermore, Oakley holds the patent on a flexible arm system called Factory Pilot Eyeshades, which has become a favorite with customers such as actor Steve McQueen.

Chloe brand men’s shadow lens sunglasses combine style and sustainability values, as well as a transformation to celebrate modern femininity and respect for our planet. Their Gayia series continually develops new shapes and palettes; additionally, their limited edition number can be found embroidered inside each montura to emphasize authenticity.

Carlina sun lenses made their debut in our lives in 2014 and instantly made an impactful statement. Their lightweight appearance with large round frames, subtle lenses, and thin blue metal lines contributed to making Carlina sunglasses iconic icons of fashion. Their light, rounded edges, delicate lenses, and blue metal lines made their presence impossible to ignore. Originality, nostalgia, and reinvention combined to turn these women’s sunglass into instant classics!

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