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Beste Funeral Home provides expert funeral services. Their experienced team specializes in funeral arrangements, casket selection, urn selection, memorial flower selection, pre-planning, and funeral home etiquette.

At their facility in Mosinee, WI, they specialize in traditional funerals and cremation services for surrounding communities. Being well acquainted with local cemeteries makes their funeral directors even more adept at supporting grieving families during this difficult time. Their funeral directors specialize in both options to meet family needs: traditional burial and cremation arrangements.


Obituaries are integral to funeral arrangements and provide important insight into a deceased’s personality to family and friends who come after death. Obituaries should aim to provide valuable and detailed information that allows people to connect with and remember the deceased fondly – this can be accomplished by writing an obituary that includes personal insights, anecdotes, and details that reflect his or her unique spirit.

Step one in writing an effective obituary is gathering all relevant details about the deceased, such as nicknames and middle names and titles or suffixes such as “Sr.” or “Jr.”

Important details that should be included include the date and place of death as well as funeral and memorial arrangements, hobbies, obsessions, favorite foods, pets, and quotes as well as information regarding clubs, affiliations, military service, special skills or achievements, and any special arrangements made after death. Adding more personal details will create an intimate obituary that resonates deeply with readers – especially close family and friends who read it.

Funeral Services

Beste Funeral Home’s compassionate funeral directors specialize in offering tailor-made services to meet every family’s unique needs, such as casket selection, service etiquette, memorial flower selection, and local accommodations. Trust is their top concern; they offer traditional funerals, basic cremation options, grief support, and military burial flags as part of their services.

Funeral services provide an essential point of closure after experiencing a recent loss, often marking just the start of collective grieving. At such services, mourners can share memories, receive condolences, and bid farewell – an opportunity made possible thanks to funeral homes’ expertise that allows guests to start grieving together – this meaningful ceremony gives mourners a final chance to say their farewells with dignity.

Beste Funeral Home of Mosinee, Wisconsin can be found at 611 3rd Street and offers its services to Ashley, Hazel Green, and Kronenwetter Weston Marathon County residents. Licensed funeral directors operate under a Funeral Rule-compliant environment where anyone who seeks funeral arrangements is entitled to receive a copy of its general price list.


Beste Funeral Home provides a range of burial options for you and your loved ones, including traditional funerals, essential cremation, grief support, urn selection, and military funeral services. Their friendly staff can assist with coordinating funeral arrangements – they’ll guide you through casket selection, flower deliveries, local accommodations, and much more – making Beste Funeral Home an excellent choice in the local area.

Beste Funeral Home’s funeral directors are committed to offering honest and transparent pricing of its products and services and are required by law to provide a general price list upon request – this rule protects consumers from being taken advantage of during times of mourning.


No matter if it is a traditional funeral or cremation service that you require, Beste Funeral Home staff will guide you through every step of the process, with assistance with casket selections, flower arrangements, and expenses. They also can offer information regarding local accommodations and costs. As per consumer protection law’s Funeral Rule, anyone inquiring about prices at Beste Funeral Home has a right to receive a copy of their General Price List; this requirement protects consumers from being deceived in their time of grief by any funeral homes who misrepresent themselves – contact Beste Funeral Home directly by phone for this request!

Funeral flowers are an elegant way to show your condolences for a lost loved one, so why not purchase some from Beste Funeral Home now or send them online directly? Our florists at the funeral home offer custom orders, or you can send them online.

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