Best Primary Care Doctors Near Me in NYC


Making regular visits with an outstanding NYC primary care doctor can be vital to staying healthy and can detect potential issues before they turn into more severe health concerns.

They are also responsible for managing various chronic conditions, such as helping you determine whether a sore throat could be due to strep or sinusitis.

Dr. Tammy Leopold

Dr. Tammy Leopold is one of the premier primary care doctors in NYC, having graduated from Thomas Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College with 24 years of practice at New York University Langone Ambulatory Care West Side and Tisch Hospital affiliation. She accepts 30+ insurance types – Medicare included! – as well as providing general consultations Monday to Thursday; additionally, she holds an impressive 5-star rating on Zodoc See You Again and has been honored with Blue Precision Quality Recognition status for her office.

Primary care doctors in NYC are highly-trained professionals with years of experience providing preventative and screening care services to their patients. PCPs specialize in managing all aspects of health, from physical ailments such as diabetes and heart disease to mental illnesses like anxiety.

A general practitioner (GP) offers many services and can diagnose common health issues like indigestion and shingles. They can treat common diseases and infections such as flu and pneumonia and prescribe lifestyle changes to enhance health; additionally, they may help manage chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

The best GPs in New York City are committed to providing comprehensive, quality care for patients of all ages. They understand that every patient is unique, and strive to meet individual needs. Their knowledge encompasses all areas of human anatomy, thus being equipped to deal with any issue and knowledgeable about the latest treatments and procedures.

Dr. Demetrios Paidoussis

Demetrios Paidoussis, MD, is an experienced family doctor who cares for patients of all ages. A certified American Board of Family Medicine member, Demetrios has been practicing for over seven years at NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Queens’ Forest Hills office and can refer patients when necessary to specialists.

Dr. Demetrios Paidoussis practices at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens – -Forest Hills Multispecialty in Forest Hills, New York, and specializes in internal medicine. With an excellent patient review rating of 4.6 stars, he is currently accepting new patients. Previously, he has worked on claims including Throat Pain, Vitamin B Deficiency, and Blood in Urine (Hematuria).

Josephine Julian, MD, is one of the top primary care doctors near me in NYC. She graduated from Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia before moving to the US for residency training, earning Blue Precision Quality Recognition, and being well known for having excellent bedside manners and short wait times.

Selecting an excellent primary care provider (PCP) is an essential decision for maintaining good health and warding off illnesses before they progress further. PCPs offer various services, including annual physicals and immunizations.

An experienced PCP will know your medical history and your family’s. They can diagnose and treat conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid disorders effectively, as well as recommend appropriate medication. Furthermore, they can assist you with reaching your health goals more quickly.

Dr. Josephine Julian

Josephine Julian has over three decades of primary care physician experience. She practices at Century Medical and Dental Center, an outpatient multi-specialty clinic in Brooklyn. Here, she treats patients of all ages spanning sixteen years – she holds membership with the American Board of Internal Medicine as well as licensure to treat a broad spectrum of illnesses and conditions, additionally working closely with a team of specialists for optimal patient outcomes.

Dr. Julian earned her MD at Universitas Gadjah Mada and completed her residency training at Montgomery Hospital Norristown and Temple University Hospital affiliated hospitals before becoming affiliated with NYU Langone. She holds an outstanding 4.5 out of 5-patient rating, accepting Medicare, Aetna HMO Oxford Liberty CIGNA PPO and PHCS PPO insurance plans as payment.

She is known for being friendly and attentive, treating each patient respectfully and kindly. She strives to empower her patients by teaching them about health issues and giving them tools to control their wellness. Her office is well-organized and neat, with friendly and helpful staff members.

Primary care doctors in NYC play an essential role in health promotion and disease prevention, managing chronic illness, coordinating specialty care, and providing school health services – such as vaccinations/immunizations/physical exams/counseling on healthy lifestyles/screening for specific diseases/ screening. They play this role to ensure an efficient health system.

Some primary care doctors specialize in specific fields, such as gastroenterologists who treat digestive conditions or obstetricians and gynecologists who provide care specifically tailored for women. They may work in hospitals or private clinics.

Dr. Sherly Abraham

Selecting an excellent primary care physician (PCP) in NYC is crucial because regular visits with one can help ward off serious illnesses and maintain overall wellness. PCPs have the knowledge and expertise to recognize potential health issues quickly, provide treatment plans tailored specifically for you, coordinate care with specialists as necessary, and help maintain regular wellness with physicals and blood tests.

An internist or primary care doctor is a medical specialist trained in family and internal medicine who specializes in diagnosing and treating various common illnesses, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol issues, and helping you manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, and depression.

Dr. Sherly Abraham has been practicing intern medicine for 12 years at Century Medical and Dental Center in Brooklyn, NY. Her patients love her, rating her highly for her kindness, skills, compassion, and communication abilities (she speaks fluent English, Russian, and Spanish).

Primary care doctors are equipped to provide their patients with superior service, often working closely with specialists such as cardiologists, pulmonologists, and endocrinologists. They may refer their patients directly if needed for cardiovascular issues or cancer symptoms.

The best primary care doctors in NYC will take the time to get to know their patients and understand their specific health needs. They will ask about family history, lifestyle habits, and medications currently taken before conducting a comprehensive physical exam to detect signs of illness.

Dr. Rebecca Seigel

Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) should be your go-to source for most healthcare needs. They offer care to people of all ages, emphasizing holistic medicine – understanding the interrelationships among various conditions that impact the whole body. In addition, they offer referrals when necessary.

Dr. Rebecca Seigel stands out as a top NYC primary care doctor with 28 years of experience treating patients, receiving her MD from Weill Cornell Medical College and affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital. Additionally, she boasts an outstanding patient rating and works with most major insurance providers.

Family practitioners provide general health care, routine physical exams, healthcare screenings, vaccinations, and diagnostic tests. They may even assist in managing chronic health conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. Furthermore, family practitioners offer advice about healthy lifestyle changes and answer patient inquiries regarding lifestyle modifications that can promote optimal well-being.

Dr. Lada Galilova works as a physician at Century Medical and Dental Group in Brooklyn. Here, she offers multi-specialty services to her patients; her warm and caring personality allows for lasting relationships between herself and them; plus, she’s fluent in English, Spanish, and Russian!

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