Best Laundromat Near Me in NYC


Solvay Suds Laundromat stands out with a customer satisfaction rate of 4.7 stars on Google Reviews, making them an excellent choice for anyone who wishes to take the hassle out of laundry day. Their friendly staff offers competitive rates while convenient services such as online scheduling and delivery/pick-up are also provided.


Washpro in Gramercy Park of Manhattan is one of the finest laundromats near me, with complete laundry services using eco-friendly cleaners and an ideal location that attracts locals looking to avoid crowds at other dry cleaners in Manhattan. In addition, Washpro offers full coffee shop and snack bar services.

Established in 2016, this small business seeks to simplify life for its customers by providing personalized services via phone calls, text, messages, or apps. Customers can order their schedules using these methods for an effortless wash-and-fold experience – perfect for busy individuals! Additionally, their technology helps reduce ocean microfiber pollution – an eco-friendly option!

This family-owned laundromat provides an oasis in an otherwise bustling city. Offering clean and modern facilities equipped with high-speed washers and dryers, its friendly staff is always on hand to assist, offering a comprehensive selection of laundry services suited for families, students, and busy professionals alike. Furthermore, its convenient location makes this an excellent way for people who wish to save time and money by eliminating their washing machine at home.

Although some college students can access laundry rooms in their dorms, others do not and must find an ideal laundromat in New York City to fulfill their laundry needs. Aplus Laundry understands how important it is for students to have quick and easy access to reliable laundromats – there are multiple options in New York City alone!

This large laundromat boasts a spacious layout and excellent maintenance standards, featuring many washing machines and dryers in perfect condition, making laundry services much more straightforward and enjoyable for students.

Eco Laundry Company

Doing laundry can be a tedious, time-consuming chore, made more so when you lack access to a washer and dryer at home. This is particularly true for apartment dwellers or students living on campus who must trek out to laundromats nearby – fortunately, numerous quality laundromats in NYC offer affordable solutions that save both time and money!

Eco Laundry Company of NYC takes great pride in being environmentally friendly, operating on renewable energy with high-efficiency washers that use less water than conventional models, selling eco-friendly detergents, and using phosphate-free washing processes to protect the planet. Furthermore, they offer dry cleaning as an eco-friendly service option, and customers can customize their experience according to individual needs.

Brown Bag Laundry provides another excellent option for washing and drying clothes: its unique services attract artists and celebrities. Situated near Gramercy Park in Manhattan, Brown Bag Laundry boasts fast, quality service – you even receive text alerts when your clothing is ready!

As your gyms in this city boast Warhol-adorned walls, it seems only fitting that the neighborhood laundromat would follow suit with such luxurious decor. This full-service laundromat offers everything you need for quick washes or professional cleans: clean facilities, modern design, friendly service staff members, and convenient pick-up/delivery of laundry! Plus! You can arrange to have it picked up!

Laundry can be one of the more tedious chores, yet you cannot allow it to build up. That is why you must find a convenient and cost-effective place to do your laundry. Fortunately, many laundry services now provide pick-up and delivery, simplifying life for busy professionals who don’t have the time or means to manage it themselves. Choosing one of Manhattan, NY’s best laundromats provides pick-up/drop-off options tailored specifically to you, making it easier than ever for you to keep your wardrobe looking its best! These laundromats also help avoid costly mistakes by providing tips on how to wash/dry your garments efficiently!

Laundry Club

Laundry Club is a 24/7 laundry service offering pickup and delivery. Furthermore, this business also provides commercial laundry services and in-store washing for retail locations. Again, its other services, such as dry cleaning and alteration, are also offered, making Laundry Club an excellent way to save time and energy!

From the Pulitzer Prize and Oscar(r)-winning author of Doubt and Moonstruck comes this funny, touching play about three sisters and an acquaintance who run a laundromat in Brooklyn. Both tragic and humorous by turns, it tells a powerful tale about life’s unpredictable ways.

Liox Cleaners and Laundry

Liox Cleaners and Laundry offers customers in my neighborhood various laundry services to meet their needs, including wash-and-fold services, dry cleaning, and maid services. Their headquarters is in Brooklyn, New York where they have been operating for more than three decades – their founders believe their service can improve people’s lives by taking away tedious tasks that take away precious time from doing what people love doing most – they even provide customers with a mobile app so they can track their laundry throughout its process!

New Yorkers need access to laundry services to stay clean. College students especially may struggle without access to washers and dryers in their dorms; fortunately, many top-rated services exist that can assist them in cleaning their clothing effectively and quickly.

One service will pick up and transport your dirty laundry directly to the laundry facility for processing; another can wash and fold your load – both of these options can save both time and money; it is just vital that the laundromat you select has an excellent reputation with past customers who can vouch for its work – this can be accomplished through reading reviews or rating sites such as Yelp!.

This Laundromat is located in New York City and boasts an outstanding reputation. Equipped with high-efficiency washers and environmentally-friendly dry cleaning services, they also feature friendly staff willing to assist customers with any of their needs and several self-service options.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, selecting a laundromat with quick turnaround times is essential. Traditional laundromats charge by weight, while fast-turnaround laundry services charge a flat rate per load – and remember, faster service means more savings!

Not only is this laundromat dedicated to providing outstanding service, they’re also passionate about giving back to the community – giving special discounts on contactless wash-and-fold services for those in financial hardship – a wonderful gesture that other businesses should follow suit with.