Best Gastroenterologists in Patna


Gastroenterologists are healthcare specialists that diagnose and treat diseases of the stomach, intestines, bowels, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and bile ducts.

Gastroenterologists use various tests to diagnose digestive problems, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and endoscopies. They may also treat cancers, ulcers, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

Dr. Asif Iqbal

Gastroenterologists specialize in digestive disorders, gastrointestinal (GI), and liver disease. With advanced training and expertise, they can identify and treat various conditions and provide preventative care for patients.

Dr. Asif Iqbal is one of Patna’s premier gastroenterologists with over ten years of experience treating patients. His services include routine upper GI endoscopy, endoscopic variceal ligation banding, sclerotherapy for UGIE bleed, lower GI endoscopy with polypectomy or banding for hemorrhoids, cholangiopancreatography, and capsule endoscopy, among others.

He is a member of Mediversal Multi Super Specialty Hospital in Bihar and can be booked through Credihealth for the best treatment and consultation.

He has led Indian delegations to numerous international trade and business forums, including the World Economic Forum, Caspian Week, India Africa Forum, Summit of Minds, and Paris Peace Forum. Additionally, he chairs the Asian Arab Chamber of Commerce. These trips aim to bridge the academic gap between academia and industry.

Dr. Shantam Mohan

Gastroenterology is the medical specialty that deals with digestion and includes the stomach, intestines, and liver. Doctors in this field typically receive additional training and education in gastroenterology after earning their general medical degree.

Gastroenterologists can diagnose and treat various gastrointestinal conditions and diseases. To confirm their diagnosis, they run multiple tests to pinpoint the source and create the best treatment plan for their patients.

How can I locate the ideal gastroenterologist in Patna?

Reading patient reviews is a great way to begin. This will give you insight into their bedside manner and treatment approach.

The next step in selecting a gastroenterologist in Patna should be to verify their qualifications. The top gastroenterologists in Patna will possess both an MBBS and MD degree.

The doctor will ask you several questions regarding your symptoms and any related histories. He may also inquire about your diet, drinking/smoking habits, physical examination and order blood and stool tests for further diagnosis.

Dr. Md. Nazish Raza

Are you searching for the top gastroenterologists in Patna? Look no further than DoctoriDuniya – they have compiled an impressive list of the city’s leading gastroenterologists.

Dr. Nazish Raza is a highly esteemed gastroenterologist in Patna who practices at Raza Liver Gastro Clinic and Endoscopy Center near Nooranibagh Main Road, Alamganj, Patna. With extensive expertise, she has assisted many patients with their digestive issues.

He holds an MD from Aligarh Muslim University and PGDDM from Apollo Hospitals, with nine years of experience in Gastroenterology. His specialties include liver and gut clinic, Diabetes management, and hypertension treatment.

Dr. Nazish Raza has extensive expertise in various diagnostic procedures, such as gastroscopy and ERCP. You can book an online consultation with him through MyUpchart or visit his clinic in Patna to book an in-person appointment.

Dr. Vijay Shanker

Dr. Vijay Shanker is a renowned gastroenterologist in Patna, known for his excellent work and patient-centric approach. With over two decades of experience, he can effectively manage patients’ health concerns.

He is an exemplary professional doctor who exhibits kindness and compassion. He strives to listen attentively to what his patients say, which he believes makes a significant difference in their experience with him.

His clinic is on NH 30, Bailey Road, in Raja Bazar, Patna; he specializes in treating major and minor gastroenterology diseases like abdomen pain, achalasia cardia, acute pancreatitis, alcoholic liver disease treatment, and gastrointestinal disorder treatment.

DoctoriDuniya also offers video consultations, an innovative way of providing medical care to those who can’t make it into his clinic. To book one of these video consultations, select your date and time slot on DoctoriDuniya’s app or website, then pay using any preferred payment method.


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