Best Family Lawyers in Nashville


A family lawyer can be invaluable if you’re going through a divorce or child custody battle. They’ll guide you through the complex process and strive for the best possible resolution in your case.

Family law encompasses custody, support, divorce, and alimony. Practicing this field effectively requires an in-depth knowledge of state laws and the capacity to present facts and evidence effectively in courtrooms.

Child Custody & Visitation

When you divorce, the court will establish your children’s custody and visitation schedule. This plan outlines where they spend time and which parent is responsible for making important decisions.

Custody can be shared between parents or retained solely by one. When making this determination, a judge will consider factors such as each parent’s lifestyle, stability, and capacity to provide adequate care for the child.

A top family lawyer in Nashville can assist you with fighting for legal and physical custody of your children, protecting their best interests. They may even modify existing custody and visitation orders if there has been a significant shift in circumstances.

For instance, a change in employment status and relocation to a different state or international relocation of the residential parent could all be grounds for modification. Furthermore, changes to a child’s education or health could necessitate changes to the parenting plan.


Divorce is a legally complex and emotionally draining process. To navigate this time, it’s essential to have a dependable source of support.

Family law attorneys can be a tremendous ally during this trying time. They will guide you through a divorce, from dividing assets to establishing child custody and support arrangements.

A skilled Nashville family lawyer can protect your legal rights and guarantee your family’s future. Furthermore, they provide compassionate guidance during this trying time.

Family lawyers in Nashville possess years of expertise in handling divorce and other family law cases. They understand that each patient is unique and strive to secure a favorable resolution for their clients.


Alimony is a form of court-ordered support that can assist financially struggling spouses after divorce. It may be granted as either temporary or permanent assistance.

When making an alimony decision, judges must take into account several factors. These include a couple’s income, employment status, and standard of living during their marriage.

Family attorneys in Nashville can guide you through the complex laws of your state and help determine a fair amount for your case. They may even aid in negotiations with your former spouse.

Divorces often necessitate both parties to complete financial disclosure forms, yet there may be times when one spouse may conceal assets to avoid paying alimony. Hiring a forensic accountant can help identify any hidden resources and save you money on unnecessary payments for maintenance.

A reliable alimony attorney can ensure payments are made promptly and enforced if your ex-spouse fails to abide by the orders. This may be done through a show cause action or filing for a court hearing.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements (also referred to as “nups”) are legal documents that define how couples will divide their assets and financial responsibilities upon divorce. They’re commonly created by couples with substantial assets, who anticipate inheriting a considerable inheritance or distribution from a family trust, or who have children from previous marriages.

A well-drafted prenuptial agreement can save both spouses a great deal of emotional pain and money in the event of the relationship’s dissolution. It also helps avoid expensive court battles over finances, property rights, and spousal support payments.

In Tennessee, these agreements are legally enforceable and should be carefully crafted by an experienced family lawyer to guarantee they are fair, equitable, and in line with state law. It is highly recommended that each party hire an independent attorney to review the agreement before signing it.

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