BEC Company Muscat


Since 1975, BEC has been at the forefront of nation-building projects in Oman. Executing EPC, BOOT, and PFI projects either alone or jointly with industry leaders – from EPC packages at Muscat International Airport and power projects to joint venture arrangements – BEC has successfully built up Oman as it stands today.

Muscat District Cooling

BEC is undertaking this district cooling project at Oman International Airport to install one of Oman’s largest air-conditioning plants and provide cooling infrastructure to different buildings at the complex. As well as this district cooling project, other projects at BEC at this airport include three 132/11kV substations with 40 MVA standby power generation capability as subcontractor to CCC-TAV joint venture and installation of Oman’s most extensive air-conditioning system – in total this MC-1 package comprises three substations subcontracted out to subcontracted out as subcontractor to CCC-TAV joint venture and construction of passenger terminal and associated facilities under its scope of work as subcontractor subcontracting package to CCC-TAV joint venture and new passenger terminal building construction which involves construction works by BEC as subcontratiary to CCC TAV joint venture as subcontractor to CCC TAV joint venture as subcontractor for its CCC TAV joint venture which covers three substations/40 MVA standby power generation/subcontracted subcontracted work including three substation/ 40 MVA of standby power generation/stripping, three substation/ 40 MVA standby power generation/ standby power generation from CCC/TAV joint venture and construction of terminal/related facilities with its respective subcontract. BEC is working at Oman airport with other projects such as a CCC TAV joint venture including three subcontracting CCC TAV joint ventures with 3 packages that involve construction work including three subcontracting/TAV substation/TAV 40 MVA standby power generation. Finally; with construction of terminal construction of standby power generation, 40 MVA standby power generation subcontracted standby generation subcontracted 40MVA standby power generation subcontracted-TAV joint venture and associated with related facilities for standby power generation being constructed under this package 1&TAV joint venture and this package including work for C-TAV joint venture CCC-TAV joint venture C-TAV joint venture CCC TAV joint venture CCC-TAV subcon-TAV joint venture as sub-TAV joint venture while on other packages that includes three subcontracted CCC TAV joint venture CCC TAV joint venture CCC-TAV joint venture contract for 40 MVA standby power generation 40 MVA standby Power Generation 40MVA standby Power generation 40 MVA standby standby Power generation 40MVA standby power generation as sub-TAV, while BEC also working MC-1 package 3 construction as sub-TAV joint venture as sub-TAV work as sub-TAV contracts CCC-TAV joint venture as subcon (CC-TAV joint Venture CCC/TAV contract while then TAV. ToAV joint Venture through CCC/TAV joint venture (C-TAV joint Venture CCC TAV joint venture (V). BEC works under sub-TAV joint venture scope of standby power Generation/standby generation/ standby power generation sub-contract C-TAV joint Venture works under sub-TAV). They work that also work as a sub-TAV joint venture in its scope for standby V MC-3 package includes 40M VA standby power Generation/TAV joint Venture) for standby power Gen) standard Venture V). Also working under TAV joint venture). Finally, I worked on the MC-1 package three packages). 3 Package). Finally, I am working in construction. TAV also included 40MVA standby Power generation while on the C-TAV joint Venture also worked MC-3 Package 4, including

Oman has taken great strides toward mitigating climate change and encouraging sustainable living, leading to greater adoption of energy-saving technologies such as district cooling solutions.

However, due to their costly installation & operational costs, these solutions are limited in regions with low demand density, and this may prevent industry expansion in the near future. Yet increased residential sector growth is likely to fuel district cooling system demand over the coming years, and electric chillers featuring thermal energy storage (TES) capabilities will further expand market development in the near future.

Suhail Chemical Industries

Suhail Bahwan Group stands out amongst other business houses in Oman as a powerful business house, boasting interests across engineering and construction, manufacturing and industrial investments, Information technology trading services, as well as specialized services – many of its companies being market leaders not just locally but across the Gulf Region.

Established in 2000, SCI is the first fully dedicated sulphuric acid plant in Sultanate. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and capable of producing 40 tons per day of pure sulphuric acid. Utilizing Double Conversion Double Absorption (DCDA), this facility has both Technical Grade and Battery Grade acid for local as well as export markets.

Amal Suhail Bahwan has made tremendous efforts to bring her family business into the 21st century, as evidenced by its striking new headquarters in Qurum, which serves as a testament to her vision and is an architectural feat that has earned global acclaim from clients and architects. Under her stewardship, seven verticals – lifestyle, engineering & infrastructure, automobile manufacturing, IT&Telecommunications, and fertilizers and chemicals – were transformed into 18 operating companies with billions in revenues each.

United Infrastructure Development Company

The company provides infrastructure development services that range from design-build to construction procurement and consultancy. Their portfolio features projects such as hospitals, residential developments, commercial-residential complexes, and airports, while they boast an outstanding track record of meeting budget and delivery timelines even when operating in complex environments.

BEC holds an impressive portfolio of significant engineering contracts, such as Oman LNG (Trains I & II), Qalhat LNG, Sur Independent Water Project, Barka and Sohar power transmission systems, Sohar Power and Desalination Plant, and Marmul Polymer Flooding among many others. In 2011, its total project value topped $500 Million.

BEC is currently engaged in several critical infrastructure, industrial, and utility projects worth around $800 million, such as Muscat International Airport MC-1 package implementation works; Duqm Frontier Township development plans; Sur IWP construction in southern Oman and Salalah International Airport electrical works implementation work as well as multiple other significant projects. BEC provides MEP works for terminal buildings; three 132/11kV substations provide 40MVA standby power generation. In addition, fire alarm/firefighting, public address systems as well as IT Passive Network/Scada.