AutoTrade Gold Review – Is AutoTrade Gold a Scam Or a Ponzi Scheme?


In this AutoTrade Gold review, you will learn if this MLM company is a scam or a Ponzi scheme. Despite the company’s success claims, numerous red flags point to an illegal MLM operation. Therefore, it is essential to know the risks involved before investing your money in the company.

Autotrade Gold is a Ponzi scheme.

Autotrade Gold is a scam, and you should never use it. This program will take your money and leave you with no profit. The system works on a rigged system and will ensure that most members lose money when the scheme collapses. It also does not provide evidence of its trades. To avoid such issues, you should only use a regulated broker that offers free demo accounts.

Autotrade Gold uses information designed by PT Sarana Digital International, an Indonesian firm. The program’s underlying software uses logic trade-based price action and 3% risk management and only trades once daily if the target has been reached. In addition, it offers five purchase packages, each with a different maximum balance.

Autotrade Gold has four levels of paid affiliates. Level one affiliates earn 20% commissions, while level two affiliates earn 10%. Moreover, all the levels above level one pay the IB affiliates a commission of 10%.

It is an MLM company.

AutoTrade Gold is an MLM company that offers affiliate memberships. As a member, you will be paid a commission on the funds that your downline affiliates trade. However, to start trading, you’ll have to pay a small membership fee of $150 or $2000. Fortunately, the company is not a scam, but there are some things to consider before you invest your money.

The first thing to consider is the legality of the company. The company is registered as a shell company in Australia with ASIC. This means that they are not actively seeking investment from Australian residents. The same applies to their company’s registration with the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia. However, the registration does not indicate legal status since LegoMarket has no license to operate in Australia.

Another red flag is that AutoTrade Gold is a Ponzi scheme. The company behind it, Panthera Trade Technologies, and a mysterious individual claim to be able to make up to 15% per month trading gold. However, they do not provide any evidence to support this claim. If they did, they would have been able to audit their financial records and provide proof of this. The company has also used rigged trades to make its claims.

It is an illegal Ponzi scheme.

Autotrade Gold is a scam because it claims to make you 891% in one year. If it worked, you would compound your money to make billions. Unfortunately, the scam is run by a Ponzi scheme that doesn’t give you actual trading results, but it does sell its robot for a hefty price. Autotrade Gold generates profits by referring new clients to its unregulated partner Lego Market and making money off their sales.

Although the company is registered with ASIC in Australia, that registration means nothing regarding due diligence. Moreover, LegoMarket does not actively solicit investment from Australian residents. This is why investing your money with this scam is not a good idea. You should also not invest your money with them if you do not want to risk being a victim of securities fraud.

To make matters worse, Autotrade Gold has a bad reputation in Indonesia. Many people have questioned its legitimacy. CNBC Indonesia reported on the scam in May 2018. The company is located on an offshore island and has been accused of being a Ponzi scheme. This means that it is a scam and illegal to invest your money on their platform. You can find out more about them on their website.

It is a scam

Many users have expressed negative feedback on AutoTrade Gold, which means that you shouldn’t be able to trust this brokerage platform. This is because the company may be operating under a fake company name or fraudulent operations. However, there are ways that you can protect yourself from the risks associated with AutoTrade Gold, and you should follow these tips to protect your finances from this online brokerage.

The first thing you should do is verify the company’s financial information. To do due diligence, you should check whether the company is registered with the financial regulator in both countries, including your own country. For instance, in Australia, you must check whether the company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This information is needed for due diligence.

The second thing you should know about Auto Trade Gold is that it’s a scam. This automated trading robot employs a scam broker, which uses tricks to steal your money. The algorithm is rigged to make you win your first few trades, but you’ll lose all your money.

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