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Aspen Dental is a dental clinic that has taken all the costs off of my credit card for two fillings and cleanings. They told me that they could not find any cavities in my teeth and also that they did not need to pull my wisdom teeth. I am glad that they took all of these charges off my card.

X-rays show no cavities

If you’re looking for a dental practice, consider checking out Aspen Dental. They are a corporate dental chain that operates in 22 states. Among other things, they make dentures in their offices.

Aspen Dental offers free X-rays to new patients. They also charge $2,540 for cleanings. Aspen Dental says this is the appropriate amount for cleaning. They will also sign up a patient for a no-interest Chase credit card. However, they failed to disclose the steep penalties that would apply if payments were missed.

Aspen Dental has received over one thousand complaints from people who say they were mistreated. The company has also been sued by the Pennsylvania Attorney General. In 2010, they paid $175,000 in restitution.

The Center for Public Integrity investigated Aspen Dental for months. It was discovered that many of the dental offices are located near fast-food restaurants. It also found that the company is advertising “free exams” as a way to lure in new customers.

X-rays show no need to pull her wisdom teeth

Aspen Dental has offices throughout the United States. They are part of a growing industry of corporate dental practices. These corporate practices specialize in serving people who don’t have the money to see a regular dentist. They provide expensive treatment plans to new patients. Aspen Dental says that its extensive treatment of patients is a reflection of the patient population they draw.

The company also touts its no-interest credit cards. Aspen Dental billed Ferritto $350 for antibiotics and $129 for a Listerine-like antibacterial rinse. They handed her a four-page treatment plan. However, these treatments weren’t available to her at the time.

The Aspen Dental office manager urged Keckler to sign up for a special credit card. He handed her an estimated bill of more than $600. Kelce wasn’t sure how to pay that bill.

The Center for Public Integrity spent months investigating Aspen Dental. They found that Aspen Dental has a “game tape” that tracks how well the company is meeting revenue targets. The spreadsheet is named “My Practice Metrics.” So far this year, the office has billed $270,000.

Aspen Dental took all charges off her credit card for two fillings and cleanings

Aspen Dental has been accused of deceiving patients with aggressive sales pitches and an over-the-top treatment plan. According to the plaintiffs’ attorneys, the dentists of this dental chain were practicing medicine without the license to do so.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys assert that Aspen Dental is in violation of a variety of laws in 22 states. In addition, they allege that the company’s practices are “illegal and unjust.”

A recent investigation by the Center for Public Integrity found that Aspen Dental was overcharging customers. The Center posted a screenshot of an Aspen Dental bill on its website.

The bill was for a $129 Listerine-like antibacterial rinse. The dentist also charged her $350 for an antibiotic. Aspen Dental claims that the charge was appropriate. But the company reportedly failed to disclose that it would impose steep penalties for late payments.

In a spreadsheet, the Aspen Dental staff demonstrates how they’re aiming to exceed revenue targets. The spreadsheet is called the “game tape,” and shows billings that are 243 percent above the budget.

Aspen Dental offers deals and discounts

Aspen Dental offers a wide variety of services, including routine and complex dentistry. They accept most insurance plans and provide flexible payment options. They also offer an exclusive rewards program for their customers.

They claim to be committed to providing excellent, patient-centered care. They have offices in 22 states. They offer a range of dental services, including routine, cosmetic, dentures, and oral surgery. They believe that everyone should have access to quality, affordable care.

They say their extensive treatment plans reflect their patients’ needs. But, if you don’t have insurance, the costs can add up quickly. Aspen Dental offers an Aspire Rewards Program, which lets clients earn points when they visit their dentist. They can then use the points for discounts on products and services. You can also use the points for charitable causes.

In 2010, the Pennsylvania Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Aspen Dental. The suit alleges that Aspen Dental failed to disclose that it would charge steep penalties for late payments.

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