An Amanda Gorman Biography


If you are looking for an Amanda Gorman biography, you have come to the right place. She is a poet, activist, and Harvard graduate. She has also served as a youth delegate to the United Nations. This article will cover a little bit of her life and work.

Amanda Gorman was a poet.

Amanda Gorman was a poet and activist from the United States. Her work tackles topics such as oppression and marginalization. She was the first National Youth Poet Laureate and recently published her first poetry book. Despite her young age, Gorman has become an influential figure in art.

Gorman was born prematurely on March 7, 1998. She also has a twin sister, Gabrielle. She had speech difficulties at a young age and had to undergo speech therapy to make certain sounds. She grew up in West Los Angeles, where she attended a private progressive school. She later attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she studied film.

She was an activist

As a teenager, Gorman became a youth delegate for the United Nations. Later, she attended Harvard University and majored in sociology. Sadly, the outbreak of Covid-19 forced her to leave school early. But the event did not stop her from finding passion in writing and activism. She discovered Sonia Sanchez’s poetry in middle school, and her love for the language grew. She also worked with mentors from the nonprofit organization WriteGirl, which allowed her to perform her work.

Amanda Gorman was an activist and a poet. She has written poems about political issues and has performed them at numerous events, including the inauguration of Joe Biden. Her upcoming books include a poetry collection, The Hill We Climb, and a children’s anthem, Change Sings. Her poems have gained international recognition. Her future is bright.

She was a Harvard graduate.

As a Harvard graduate, Amanda Gorman’s poetry has garnered her attention and praise. Inspired by the political, economic, and environmental climate of the United States, she wrote a poem about inequality and injustice in the year 2014. It was included in a collection of climate poetry edited by Devin Jacobsen.

While in college, Gorman studied liberal arts and became a youth activist. In 2013, she was selected as the United Nations Youth Delegate; in 2014 she was named Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate. In 2015, she published her first poetry collection, “In This Place (An American Lyric),” and was chosen as a National Youth Poet Laureate. In 2016, she founded One Pen One Page, an organization dedicated to supporting and celebrating women’s writing. In addition to her literary accomplishments, she is a Harvard graduate and will graduate in 2020.

She was a youth delegate for the United Nations.

In 2013 Amanda Gorman was selected to be a United Nations youth delegate. She was inspired by Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani Nobel Prize winner. She is also the author of a book of poetry. In 2017, she opened the Library of Congress literary season. She has said she hopes to run for president in the year 2036, and she has the support of Hillary Clinton.

Amanda Gorman’s story is not a typical one. In 2013, she became a youth delegate to the United Nations, and in 2014 she was named Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate. She is currently studying at Harvard University and has been involved with various causes. She is the sister of actress Gabrielle Gorman, who graduated from UCLA. In 2015, she published her first poetry collection. In 2016, she enrolled at Harvard University. Her older sister, Gabrielle, is pursuing film studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Amanda and her sister Gabrielle are inspired by Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani activist.

She was the first youth poet to open the library of Congress’ literary season.

As the first youth poet to open the Library of Congressional’s literary season, Amanda Gorman has made history. She has read her work on national television, won the Ozy award, and won a $10,000 grant. In 2017, she was selected to open the Library of Congress’ literary season with a poem called “In This Place: An American Lyric.” In addition to her performance at the Library of Congress, Gorman was named one of our time’s most influential young writers. She has also been named one of Glamour magazine’s “College Women of the Year” and is among The Root magazine’s “Young Futurists.”

Gorman was inspired by Malala Yousafzai, the Nobel Peace Prize winner from Pakistan. After reading her poetry on MTV, she was selected as the first National Youth Poet Laureate. She is the youngest person in US history to receive this honor. She has also been named “one of the top five young futurists” by The Root magazine and appeared on the John Krasinski comedy series “Some Good News.” She has since met Oprah Winfrey and is now a national literary prize winner.

She founded a nonprofit organization.

Amanda Gorman is a poet and a founder of a nonprofit organization called One Pen One Page. This organization supports underserved youth through creative writing programs. Her work focuses on themes related to race, feminism, and oppression. She published a book of poetry, “Speak Now,” in 2015. She also founded a nonprofit organization, One Pen One Page, which aims to create writing programs for teens.

Gorman is an ambassador for social change. She has shared stages with celebrities like Lin Manuel Miranda and politicians such as Hillary Clinton. She has also been a youth delegate for the United Nations. Her mission is to empower young people to create change in their communities. Her mother, who taught English in an inner-city school, inspired her to launch the organization.

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