Ale Bib Shorts Review


In the world of cycling shorts, there are a lot of options. Some offer great support but feel restrictive, and others provide a level of compression that doesn’t suit all riders.

These Ale Bib Shorts are comfortable and supportive with the right compression level for most cyclists. They’re a perfect choice for longer rides or training sessions.

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Comfort is an essential part of a good pair of bike shorts. Bib shorts are designed to support most of your body weight for an entire ride, so they must be comfortable and supportive.

The key to a comfortable pair of bike shorts is the fit. This can be not easy to judge because of all the different sizes and shapes of riders, but it’s essential to find the right size for you.

Ale has created these Bib Shorts using a multi-panel comfort fit, which contours and shapes the leg area for an ergonomic racing fit. The bib straps are also designed to sit perfectly flat with no awkward seams to rub.

The shorts have a chamois pad positioned at the contact points for maximum comfort and protection against bumps and vibrations on the saddle. They use Ale’s latest “8HF” seat pad – which features variable thickness and variable density foams which can provide up to 120 kg/m3 density in the perineal and ischiatic area. The central relief channel protects the nerve endings, while the lateral-shaped wings are flexible and follow the body’s movement for ultimate support.


Bib shorts that are well cut, fit well, and provide the right level of compression to your legs for comfort and support are critical to a great day on the bike. Typically a pair will have a comfortable chamois pad, breathable material, supportive leg muscle compression, and functional shoulder straps to help you stay focused on the ride.

Ale’s PRS collection (short for ‘Pro Racing System’) utilizes high-tech materials and race fit developed in collaboration with professional teams to deliver a performance product that is comfortable on long rides. These bibs are body-mapped to give you a fantastic fit. The breathable Air Cell Lycra in the upper and Mesh Dragon fabric in the sides provide incredible breathability and ventilation.

Raw cut ‘Zero Friction’ bib straps feature elastic bonded seams and form part of the ‘Free System’ design, ensuring that the bib section feels just right in your typical riding position – so comfortable you’ll barely notice them! The soft leg grippers also work perfectly to compress the thigh while not exerting excess pressure gently.


A comfortable and supportive pad is vital when riding on gravel or rough trails. We’ve been wearing Ale’s spec 8H protector on long rides for six weeks, and it’s held up well.

The pad is built from elastic microfibre with memory padding positioned at the contact points and in the perineal and ischiatic zones for comfort and support. A central relief channel was developed to protect the nerve endings and ensure utmost support against bumps, vibrations, and collisions from the road.

The LG stability system at the legs comprises a 60mm deep elastic leg band with silicon woven into the structure to keep the shorts in place and distribute pressure firmly and evenly. This composition offers the perfect level of compression without constriction, resulting in great comfort and freedom of movement.


Ale bib shorts are an excellent choice for riders looking to improve their comfort on long rides. Their technical fabric offers excellent moisture-wicking, breathable, and quick drying times.

During the brand’s infancy, many of Ale’s jerseys and cycling bibs featured bright, multi-colored graphics or prints that made them stand out. However, a lot of that loud design has now been toned down on more current lines of Ale cycling gear.

In addition to their bib shorts, Ale also has other cycling apparel for winter and summer riding. These are designed to keep you comfortable to ride further, faster, and harder.

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