AIG Insurance Reviews


AIG Insurance is an international company with a diverse product lineup. However, you must undergo a medical exam before applying for a policy. You can take advantage of AIG’s affordable rates if you are healthy. You can read more AIG Insurance Reviews to find out what others think of the company.

AIG Insurance is an international company

AIG Insurance is a global company that provides consumers with many types of insurance coverage. Founded in 1923, the company now employs over 49,600 people in more than 80 countries. The company provides insurance coverage in various industries, including finance and insurance. If you’re considering buying a home insurance policy, you might consider AIG.

The company is headquartered in New York but operates in several countries worldwide. In addition to providing insurance coverage, AIG offers asset management services and specialized expertise in equities, life, and alternative investments. Its common stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the ArcaEx exchange, as well as on the Paris, London, and Tokyo Stock Exchanges.

It offers a wide range of products

AIG Insurance is a significant provider of life insurance products. The company offers a variety of products for different demographics. Customers can complete many of their applications and payments online. They can also update their beneficiaries and change their addresses online. This makes it easy to manage your policy.

AIG’s insurance policies are more expensive than other carriers’ plans. They also offer limited coverage for specific medical conditions, such as genetic predisposition and high cholesterol. Some customers have also complained that AIG’s customer service is subpar. Despite these shortcomings, AIG does offer a variety of life insurance policies.

Although AIG has millions of customers, numerous consumer complaints exist about the company. The company has a low customer satisfaction rating with the Better Business Bureau. The organization has received a two-star rating, which grades companies on customer service and pricing. Consumer Affairs also lets customers rate companies.

It requires a medical exam.

If you’re looking for a life insurance plan that doesn’t require a medical exam, you should try guaranteed-issue policies. These policies don’t require a medical exam and don’t ask any medical questions during the application process. However, if you’re in relatively good health, you may be better off choosing a traditional life insurance policy. These companies typically accept applicants regardless of health. The only exception is if you’re under 18 or in poor health.

If you’re applying for a term life insurance policy with AIG, you’ll likely have to take a medical exam. These exams typically last about 30 minutes and can be done in the privacy of your home or office. Once you’ve passed the exam, the process may take several weeks. AIG sells guaranteed whole issue life, term life, and universal life insurance policies. Universal life is the best option for those with health problems, but you can also find this coverage through John Hancock.

It offers cheap rates.

AIG Insurance is a good option if you need a life insurance policy. They offer cheap rates, long terms, and good coverage. AIG also has good customer ratings, which is always a plus. The company also offers features that make it stand out from the competition. Their starting rates are low but higher than average, depending on the policy size and the term.

AIG also provides comprehensive coverage for your assets. This includes medical payments for visitors who become injured on your property. Additionally, your coverage covers the property of domestic workers and guests. You can also take advantage of AIG’s equipment breakdown coverage, which will pay to replace expensive equipment.

It has poor customer service

AIG Insurance has received more complaints than it should, considering its size and customer base. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) keeps track of complaints filed with state insurance departments. For each insurer, an index is calculated based on the number of complaints filed per year and its size. A score of 1 indicates a good customer service record, while a score of 0 indicates poor service. The complaints against AIG are more than three and a half times the national average.

AIG’s customer service scores are poor compared to other life insurance companies. The company received a two-star rating from J.D. Power, which measures consumer satisfaction with its policies and application process. AIG’s customer satisfaction scores fall below the average, with the highest score at 822. According to independent rating services, this score is much lower than average for life insurance companies.

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