Acuity Insurance Reviews


We’ve found several Acuity Insurance Reviews online. They generally get high marks for good customer service, discounts, and online claim tracking. Let’s examine a few specific areas of their insurance business to determine whether they meet these standards. Also, check out their reputation to see if they’ve had any bad press.

Good customer service

Acuity Insurance has been providing insurance protection to people for more than 90 years. Its employees are eager to understand customers’ needs and respond with prompt service. Their commitment to customer service includes same-day meaningful claims contact 365 days a year. In addition, Acuity has a mobile app that can be used to pay bills, report a claim, find a repair shop, and more. Acuity also has a customer service phone number available for emergencies.

Acuity has received good ratings from consumer advocacy groups. Its complaints ratio is less than half what would be expected for a company of this size. Its NAIC complaint index is also low. Its financial strength rating is A+, which means that it has a superior ability to pay insurance claims.

Acuity offers good customer service and a well-rated app. It also offers coverage that meets most drivers’ needs. However, its rates are higher than other insurance companies, and some drivers pay more than double. Acuity isn’t the best value for most drivers, but it offers a decent selection of add-on coverages.


Acuity offers a variety of discounts for its customers. The company offers good student discounts, a graduate student discount, and discounts for bundling multiple policies. Customers can also get discounts by combining their auto and home insurance policies. Customers who complete a certified defensive driving course and install specific safety devices on their vehicles can get additional discounts.

Acuity was founded in 1925 and had almost a century of experience insuring drivers. The company is known for its “world’s tallest flagpole,” which flies above its headquarters in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. While most auto insurance providers offer similar discounts to each other, Acuity is different in that it offers several unique discounts to its customers.

For example, Acuity offers a multi-policy discount of up to 20 percent when you purchase all your policies. Acuity also offers discounts on other types of insurance. For example, home and auto insurance customers will get a personal auto enhancement endorsement, which bundles several applicable extra coverages in one convenient package. Most insurers will sell these additional coverages piecemeal, so customers can save money by bundling their policies. Acuity also offers a discount for older model cars.

Online claims tracking

When it comes to online claims tracking, Acuity Insurance Reviews are mixed. While they have positive consumer feedback, they don’t have many third-party ratings. The Better Business Bureau rated their customer service very well, with a low complaint index score. However, other independent sources can give you a more accurate picture of the company’s performance. Consumer Affairs is one such organization that lets consumers rate insurance companies based on the quality of their customer service. Other sites, including the Consumers Advocate, let you rate companies according to their reputation, stability, and policy coverage.

Acuity is headquartered in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and offers home and auto insurance. They also sell a range of commercial products to businesses. They sell their policies through independent agents throughout their service area. Their customer satisfaction rating is very high, with 83% of consumers rating them a five or four. However, there are some negative reviews of the company, with some customers complaining about premium increases and being turned down for a claim.


Acuity has earned a strong reputation among consumers in the insurance market, as evidenced by the A+ rating it has from the Better Business Bureau. The company’s direct consumer reviews are some of the highest of any insurer. Likewise, the company has a low complaint index from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. As a result, consumers are happy with Acuity’s customer service and claim responsiveness.

The company offers several insurance packages, including home and auto insurance. It also offers a wide range of add-ons. Its multi-policy discount (also known as the bundling discount) can save you up to 20% on your premium. Homeowner’s insurance is an essential investment for homeowners who want to protect their most significant assets. For that reason, finding an insurance company with a solid financial foundation and a track record of paying claims is essential.

Acuity was founded in 1925, and it is the 59th largest property-casualty insurance company in the United States, with branches in 29 states. Its premiums exceed $5 billion. Although the company offers a wide variety of policies, its core business is property-casualty insurance.

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